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Rogue Durand named Aquamarine and the Geneticist pilot
ROUND ID #: 5297
YOUR Character Name: Maranda Moth
YOUR Byond Key: Mizalona
GRIEFER Character Name: Verse.. Something
Description of grief occurrence: He was apparently a geneticist, but half way through the round, he starts piloting a Durand called Aquamarine loaded with a crap ton of weaponry such as the tesla cannon, which he would fire constantly as he roamed around the halls, zapping people as he went by. I was a botanist, and would frequently be pulsed whenever he passed botany, there was no threats there! When he was in medical, and I was trying to patch up a chaplain, he was firing the flame weapon he had at the desk where I think someone was, and nearly caught the chap I was trying to help on fire. Needless to say Tory and a mob of people destroyed him I believe. 
There was even a cult and he did not even attempt to stop them with the exosuit or give it to sec to stop the cult, just wanted to run around with it I guess
He hit me a few times too, nearly put me into crit with his tesla...which also destroys everyone`s nanites so everyone also lost their self healing capabilities..

I don't think he realized the tesla does damage though...I woulda told him but I was a mime.
Yea he was doing it as a joke or something I guess?
Was really annoying
What a guy. Looked into, thanks
[Image: i1wH7KB.png][Image: EYsHyKQ.png]

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