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Mizalona's Mod Application
Byond Account: Mizalona
Discord Name: Shas'shil#1337
Age: 29
Timezone: EST
Active hours: 7pm to 5am (Depending on the day)

How long have you played on Fulpstation? SS13 in general? 
Roughtly half a year for both

Do you have experience as a moderator? 
Can't say I've had any moderating experience outside of being officers for WoW guilds.

What are some things you've noticed as a player on Fulp?
My opinion hasn't changed much from my mentor application. Its a great server to just hop in and go with the crazy flow. Sometimes there are things that get out of hand, but the staff do what they can do help when and where they can. Since its a game on the internet, there will always be griefers, but for the most part, you can still play a round without having to worry about someone breaking through the windows of a department to steal everything and kill you for trying to stop them. Sec is still iffy, but from what I see in the staff chats, the mods and admins are working to weed out the troublemakers and ensure they're dealt with accordingly. Little by little, the server is adjusting to MRP, and its a change that looks to be for the better. Some memes and habits of people who play with a more LRP mindset are harder to shake off (Such as sec abuse, mime/clown abuse, etc and I do mean the abuse of and by clowns, mimes, and sec), plasma floods tend to be the "Hey look I'm here to grief" signal, but personally, they've gone down as of recently. Over all, things are better than they were when I first started playing.

Why do you think you would be a good moderator for the server?
 I care for the community since its been very welcoming and friendly. I hear people complain about the staff "not doing their jobs" and the like, and some feel that grief reports aren't read, and I want to help the staff out by sharing the load. I tend to play later at night, so I can help fill in during low pop rounds. I am often fairly patient and understanding, but I am not afraid to be stern when it comes to blatant griefing, purposeful rule breaking, and out shitty behavior. I'm not afraid to be the "fun police", for at times, it is needed when dealing with rule skirting for the sake of "luls", harmless or not. I am also not afraid to acknowledge if I am wrong in my ruling or actions in correcting behavior. If I do something wrong as a mod, or punish someone wrongly, I will apologize and work to have better judgement in whatever scenario I find myself wrong in.
Was going far and Byond to tell people how to follow the rules as a Mentor, can already deal with all the headache we Mods have too I would bet.
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This is fine...
I'm going to give a +1 from what i've seen they're a very good bean.
Very good mentor, I’d love to see what they can do as a moderator.

- Ash Lizman
+1 Knows their shit.
Bottom Text
+1 You seem responsible and have a clean record. I would like to have you on the team.
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i thought i plus oned this already +2
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+1 I dont think I would say anything that other people wouldn't say.
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+1 kicked my ass because I was not working on my essay.

Not only a good mentor for the game, but for life OwO
Very clean record
Quality mentor
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