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Most Robust Spessman
Who is the most robust spessman (In whatever aspect you choose, combat/knowledge/mechanics etc etc) you have come across in your opinion and why? Who makes you say "Ah shit...." when they are your assassination target/they are confirmed antag?

Stories welcome.
Asher Clarke. There is no more to be said .
- Ash Lizman
(02-13-2020, 06:46 AM)Shadowtail117 Wrote: Asher Clarke. There is no more to be said .
This. I have only been nuke ops one time and the whole squad were dumbfucks that have also never been nuke ops. Our fearless leader, Asher, led us to victory and gave his life that fateful day. I was too shitty and too new to save him :\ ill never forget that asher <3

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