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Your OOC name (Blimps33):

Your in-game name (I use a random name but sometimes I go by lemon )

Your Discord username and #tag: blimps33


Approximate Time of Ban (Last year)

Ban Reason/Message (For saying the N word)

State your appeal (Im sorry for what I did please forgive me and im sorry to all the admins I hurt please forgive me and unban me. I should have not done what I did because I miss this staition very much and I am really sorry)
Your ckey is not showing up as being banned. can you double check your ckey spelling?
[Image: pj5gW9D.jpg][Image: WpsktR5.png]
The ckey says Blimps33 plus is that the ckey?
Oh okay i found it now. Unbanned. Try not to say those things again Smile
[Image: pj5gW9D.jpg][Image: WpsktR5.png]

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