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Trial mod app [blades84]
Byond Account: Blades84
Character Name(s): Multiple, they vary
Discord Name: None
Age: 18
Timezone: GMT
Active hours: Can't provide a specific number, but I have a good amount of free time.
How long have you played SS13?: About 3 years now.
Do you have any experience as an administrator for SS13?: I have played the role of mentor for a server and I was trialadminned on a much smaller, long dead server for a brief period of time
Tell us why you think you'd make a good administrator on this server: I've been playing this game for three years now and I know this code very well. I like to think I'm fair-minded when a situation presents itself to me or when I'm forced to deal with a player who isn't following the rules.
After seeing some of the attitudes and behavior some admins on this server have to offer I'd like to redact my Admin application for now, thanks.
Elaborate pls
(03-16-2017, 01:44 PM)Sota Myazaki Wrote: Elaborate pls

Recieved a 1 day sec ban for executing a wanted person who was tresspassing in the Armory with 2x 9mm pistols and superpowers, teleported me into the AI core earlier on in the round resulting in me almost dying.

Don't think I wanna work with people like this.
re-opening this.

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