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Qustinnus' / Floyd's Trial Admin Application
Byond Account: Qustinnus

Character Name(s): Floyd Barley, Sir Honkalot the Fifth

Discord Name: Floyd#8423 
Age: 18

Timezone: GMT +1

Active hours: Depends, if you want full hours online it's pretty much 12 hours a day, actively administrating is probably 4 hours a day (average)

How long have you played SS13?: For about a year and a half now

Do you have any experience as an administrator for SS13?: I am the current head administrator of FTL13, a current branch of TGstation which host un-hubbed on weekends currently. This means I deal with player complaints, the community in general, the staff and handle PR. I also administrate on the server, obviously, and have quite some experience with all the administrative tools in SS13. I also develop for FTL13 now so I know my way around Dreammaker.

Tell us why you think you'd make a good administrator on this server: As I have been Administrating for FTL13 since about September, I already have quite a big deal of experience with administrating on servers. The main reason I am even applying here is because I'm interested in joining a server thats up 24/7 so I can help on there during the weeks (FTL13 is only up in weekends currently). The reason I'm interested in Fulpstation in particular is because I don't really enjoy Yogs staff /that/ much. But I don't mind their server on its own. Plus I like kickstarting servers with potential and I wouldn't mind teaching the new players that Oney might bring in and turn them into robust spess men.

I'm also a very active SS13 player, and because of my education I follow I basically have time 24/7 to pop on for administration if needed. (Although I won't actually be online 24/7) I can also help with any of the more bureaucratic things you might need in a server due to my experiences with "administrating" a community. but that is probably more for later.

I can also help with github and dreammaker related stuff, map changes and (Smaaall) code changes.

Oh right, and FTL13 currently runs on the same rules as Yogstation (and thus Fulpstation). So I know how to administrate for these rules fairly well.

My only limit is the weekends, when FTL13 is up and I have to hit my staff with a whip to ensure 100% peak efficency.

also, source to prove FTL13 is not just some meme server I made up:

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