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Admin Trial Application
Byond Account: DrachenKlaue 
Character Name(s): Calvin Stewart
Discord Name: Drachenklaue
Age: 20
Timezone: Central Time
Active hours: Afternoons, late nights weekends.
How long have you played SS13? Since March 2013.
Do you have any experience as an administrator for SS13? Nope
Tell us why you think you'd make a good administrator on this server: I feel like I'd fit the tone of what this server is doing, which from what I've seen is give people a means to have fun but not at the expense of everyone else. Not sure if you're familiar with facepunch but that was my space station childhood and I haven't found a server with that feel since it died and found this one. I wouldn't be self righteous with people like admins on other servers who treat everyone as children, I'm pretty pragmatic and have a good sense of what deserves bans vs warnings, based on how they impacted everyone else's experience. My only concern is I've never been admin and it seems that nothing is hard so much as it is laborious to cross reference things and figure out what really happened. My expectations for this application aren't especially high, but I can be active in discord and have the app to be on call, I hope this shows interest though and I'm ready to be part of the community, I know with new admins trust is huge and I've only played on the server a couple days but I have the time to learn and bring some order to the station, randoms joining and murderboning then multikeying has been a slight problem. If I get established I'd like to be able to do events when it's low pop late night and give everyone else a good time. Thanks for reading. 

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