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Blu remote not even remotely trying to stop ick ock because its lowpop
So i get banned from OOC for a week for saying on lowpop to bomb sec for being shitsec without any admins on right
and here i get wish granter, everyones crying in ooc, and at no point does blu remote even remotely try to tell them to stop ick ocking
so i end up having to ahelp him telling him to mute the damn ooc and die while doing so


heres me getting gunned down because i have to tell blu remote to turn off ooc after hella long ick ock that hes literally supporting himself by talking with them

Also blu remote PERSONALLY ick ocked, by revealing i had used the wish granter, and therefore all mutations
which NO ONE in round knew, only that i had hulk

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BLU is a good boy. This is not a big deal at all personally.
Admins and their candidates have a responsibility of not breaking the rules, it's shitty and yes it's a big deal, how would you like it if you were going to stealthwiz and then Shlomobergerstein said in OOC, "Lol this wiz sucks". It's not acceptable especially for a staff member.
There's a genuine question here that was answered in kind. Asking what a wish granter is is one thing, the rest is pretty ICCy. Unaware if anything was done but every admin has their own protocols.
[Image: 615ae14b44dbf9a986d96b6ae085b4e0.png][Image: 362b98ea075f43a08f68b90a3707910d.png]
Screenshot clearly states that Blu did IC in OOC
Ok So, I do admit, that was very dickish from my part. Im not that hot headed usually, and let things fly by. 
But sometime, they just get to my head. Personally I was a bit pissed cause:
1) it was low pop
2) he was the only miner 
So he fucked with the round of everyone, round that was smooth as fuck so far.
"But BLUUUUUUUU, rounds are bound to get fucked" True, this is very true. I even think if it was anything else (antag killing me, nukie, swarmer, meteor, anything) I would have just gave no fucks. 
But idk, this one thing made me throw a tantrum.
Life is like a video game, but perma death is enabled
thanks for the report
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