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Who are your favorite in-game players?
My choice would be Nani. Nani takes a lot of time out of his shift to helping people and he's fairly patient while doing so. He's a great doctor and an even better CMO. If you see Nani as CMO you know you're going to have a well ran medbay and an even better shift.
Nani, saved my ass lots of times and doesnt mind turning you into a 50% robot via implants
I'd say hands down Adrian Flyx, one of the best players we have.

As for the worst, Patrick is one of the worst and mingiest players i've seen
i've always enjoyed seeing papaoro paprito around since months ago when we used to foot race for insuls in the tool storage room everyround
All of staff bar are my favorite players. Marge simpson: "It ain't gay to love your homies!"
ToryJJ on twitch, aka ToryJ, aka Pickles the clown Aka Silence is Golden the Mime.. Aka... Beats by Dre the Sec lizard... Not sure what else to write here sorry!!
papaporo paprito is best moth, and (doesnt matter if he's banned) swims-in-pools best lizard

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