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Questionable handling of a situation from Patrick10ghost
Staff in question : Patrick10ghost

Not so long version : Asher Clarke was discovered to have had a contract with the devil, he was held in the brig and we were getting a lawyer to get his soul back, when the HoP alerted me his employment contract was gone. This threw a wrench in the works, and while me and the HoP were deciding what to do, the RD killed Asher while he was buckled to the bed. There was peace for a while, and then we noticed that Asher kept coming to the brig even though he had been killed. Over the span of his multiple lives he started to wreak a little bit of havoc in the brig. I distinctly remember him stealing a combat shotgun from me and shooting at the heads who were in the brig (including me). This caused me some justified concern, as I began to realize by some magical means he was being revived only to come back to try to fuck around in the brig. So, we killed him a few more times, because every time he came back and just added to his list of charges. Eventually the scrubbers failed while I was in my office and I caught some kind of disease from them that randomly stopped me from moving and using any kind of harmful attack on anyone. This proved an issue when Asher came in, saw me frozen, and then stole everything I had, along with my ID, and proceeded to leave me to stand frozen. A short while after, he comes back and throws me in the permabrig, where I remain for the rest of the round.

I don't have the response sent to me by Patrick, because after being permabrigged by Asher I left the game to find something else to do.
It went something like this
Me ; "Hey, why the hell is Asher coming back to life at the brig? He's just been causing a nuisance and it's really close to being grief at this point."

Patrick ; "Yeah, I've been watching you the whole time and you have been abusing him in the brig, so I've been bringing him back."

Now, I wouldn't have had any problem with his response if it had been sent to me as a warning of some sort when the abuse began.
But, the way it was handled ensured that I was clueless to whatever Patrick had thought I was doing, so from my point of view all that was going on was Asher being continually revived by some means and coming back to the brig to fuck with security.

So, I'd just like to recommend that administrators be reminded to give due warning. This all could have been avoided just from Patrick telling me to hold the heads back so Asher never ended up dead. Really any resolution would have been better than letting Asher grief.

The only thing not telling me did was enable Asher to grief with the justification that he was being abused by security. (he did try to steal my stunbaton on multiple occasions and managed to grab my shotgun)

Also, if anyone can get the logs from that round I'd really appreciate it.
I can attest to this. I was a security officer. I was afk and came back to HoS and Captain yelling to kill him. I couldn't use any lethals (We were all given PAX). I tried to gib him with labor shuttle and he was teleported back into brig. I try to space him, per HoS orders, and I space him but get locked out in space. I die. Asher is teleported back into brig and revived. I go to see if any borgs or AI locked me out and noticed AI was carded a while ago, leading me to believe Patrick locked me out. I was respawned after as an assistant.

Anyone who sells their soul to the devil is valid. Period. I don't even know if there were devils and I don't know what led up to Asher being executed, but from HerrKriegs story, it seems like execution was valid.

Even if admins intervened and ruled the execution not valid, Patrick should of given a heads up to the captain, HoS, and anyone involved before continuing to revive him. And after he was revived by an admin, Asher shouldn't be seeking anyway to handle it ICly by picking up a shotgun and shooting at the captain, robbing him of everything including his ID, etc. This was poorly handled
Putting some purple weight behind this. Perhaps it may be worthwhile looking into this one?
A centcom announcement would have been less intrusive and more interesting for everyone involved.
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