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Guide to having good prayers
1) God is not a charity

Give me something in exchange for whatever you're praying for. The more valuable it is, to you or otherwise, the better. Offering me some corpse you pulled out of the morgue is not particularly valuable to me. Offering one of your limbs, or a limited item that I can reasonably remove from the station (i.e. not the nuke disk, you psycho) makes me much more likely to give you something in exchange

2) God is unimaginative

Give me some idea of what you want. If you just say "give me stuff" I'm either going to ignore you or if I have more time I'll send something actively unhelpful like a hostile mob. Much like TC trades, the more you give me to work with, the more I can play with your idea.

3) God isn't a fan of spam

If your prayer to "give me stuff" doesn't get answered, praying again, repeatedly, without altering what you're trying to offer is more likely to make me hurt you then to help you.

Addendum: God is an asshole. Praying to god opens you up to good or bad things. The bad things can be anything from a slight zappy to get you away from god's ear to straight up critting/killing you. If you're not okay with this don't pray.

4) Lastly, be IC. If your prayer is "Dear shadowflame909" or "please shadow" expect even more to be ignored or more violence to be sent your way.
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God is a fickle beast. One rounds offering will be boring in another round.

Did you know taking the quirk for better prayers makes me actively hate you? That sound effect constantly makes me jump. Don't do that.

Have your offering ready when you submit your prayer, I don't always have time to watch over a lowly priest for an extended period.

Nobody seems to pray to the blood or brass god these days. Maybe try that sometime and I'll be entertained.
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Boy god is a scary man i wouldnt wanna make eye contact with him while were both using the urnial lemme tell ya
Nice to see admins roleplaying with players through praying, thanks!
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