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Kokojo contributor application
Byond Account: Kokojo
Discord Name: Kokojo
Age: 29
Timezone: EST
Active hours: Late EST hours (Late night early morning)

Are you applying to be a spriter, mapper, or coder?
Coder, and mapper.

Do you have experience in any of the positions you're applying to?
Tons for mapper. I was a mapper for LLA before it killed itself, a mapper for Atlas Station before it killed itself and Hippie Station(before it will kill itself?) . I was a freelance mapper for some SS13 projects that never truly managed to survive, sadly.

As for coder, I was a babycoder for PowerfullStation, I was a babycoder for Atlas, I made the pool at Hippiestation, and I made various fixes, tweaks, and edits to various things, my Github from 2015-2016 can attest to it for me.

I also tried to launch my own station based on FTL13 but burned out due to lack of support :-(.

Do you know any programming languages (if applicable)? If so, for how long?
Nah. Just Byond lingo, and I pretty much suck at it.

Please feel free to showcase anything you have made and would like to use as a "portfolio" for your application.
Check this IMGur account and be slightly underwhelmed. It's about coding AND mapping!

Now add me so we can maybe make an Snow and Ice custom station.

From what I've talked with him he's a pretty alright guy. He's not a clear shitter or anything so we're good on that front.

As for experience, he's got mapping experience which we're sorely lacking in as well as some coding experience which makes him more then qualified for mouthwash and toothpaste gang in my opinion. He'd make a fine addition to the team even if all he did was explain how to map.

He hasn't been here long so I can understand not giving him full Contributor privileges but he at least deserves Contributor Jr.
+1 to trial

Can't say I've seen you about and I tbh I dont remember anything from hippie but you seem absolutely fine and having an experienced mapper would be super useful.
I've had the pleasure of interacting with you one on one.

More server experience and presence is always nice but when it comes to mapping, you don't exactly need to know the community, just the demographics and trends.
[Image: 8SOCkdc.gif]
yeah sure why not
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