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Daniel Clemins - Overesclation / Racial Slurs
ROUND ID #: 4190
YOUR Character Name: Frank Frisby / I.A.N.
YOUR Byond Key: CodesNStuff
GRIEFER Character Name: Daniel Clemins
GRIEFER Byond Key: Crispyyy
Description of grief occurrence:  [ 2. Over-escalation / Griefing ] [ 9. Hate Speech:  N***** & F***** ]

For doing the job of cleaning the station as a Jani-borg shell, the Chaplin ( Daniel Clemins ) saw fit to attack the Jani-borg.  Calling it a F****** in the process of doing so.  After more of the round continued, he decided to straight up destroy it this time, completely over-escalating the situation.  Once caught and turned into Sec, he was brigged and during that time it was reported by another player he had used N***** during his rants.
Thanks for the report!
[Image: 8SOCkdc.gif]

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