Full Version: Chocolate Trialmin Application
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Byond Account:

Character Name(s):
Ethan Miller, Abani Chadha, Nibbles the Fish

Discord Name:



Central Time Zone (UTC-6:00)

Active hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: usually 11p-4a my time.
Wednesday & Weekends: All day if I am at home, (I visit family and friends for the weekend, sometimes and don't always bring my computer.)

How long have you played SS13?

On and off for about 5 years.

Do you have any experience as an administrator for SS13?
No. I have hosted my own server locally a few times and poked around to see what tools admins have available out of curiosity. So I guess I'm kind of familiar with it? But I have never admin'd an actual server.

Tell us why you think you'd make a good administrator on this server:
I have a bit of experience in irc/forum/discord moderation with a small streaming community, I frequently found myself mediating when arguments would arise, because I like for everyone to get along and have a good time.
Unsure how well this translates to SS13, but there it is.
Also favoritism is gay. I wouldn't do that.