Full Version: Griefing Captain
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I submitted an ahelp ticket, but I'm not sure if those persist after the round. Two minutes into the round I get stunned by the captain and placed in permabrig. He justified this by saying that he suspected I was a traitor. I had no time to commit any traitorous acts and only by luck did he actually arrest a traitor. He justified this to the crew by saying I had a T-uplink when I did not have it open. There is nothing fun about being permanently removed from the round a couple minutes in. This was nothing but validhunting and completely removes any fun from this game.

This was round 310.

The captain was Elise Vermillion.

I don't have all of the logs, but this is what I got before being permabrigged.

Yeah mate, valid hunting takes a lot of the fun out of the game sometimes.