Full Version: Ban Appeal
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BYOND KEY- The Melmer

TIME OF BAN- 2017-04-04

REASON- Releasing plasma, lighting it and disconnecting when asked.

YOUR APPEAL- I idiotically decided to give my bro a lesson in what not to do whilst high as a fart, hoping he would enjoy spessmans too but I guess I thought it was a dead round or something, I'm genuinely not quite sure but it certainly won't happen again.
I'm not a troublemaker and detest griefing at all times and I fully understand the reasoning for the ban so I apologise for being a stoned dickhead. I've waited a month to appeal as is customary on some other servers and was just hoping I might get another chance. I enjoy playing with y'all.
Not a huge fan of your reason for your actions but we'll take your word for it that it won't happen again. Ban is lifted.