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  Saliferious Child Like Behaviour
Posted by: Adi - 6 hours ago - Forum: Staff Reports - No Replies

I'm going to keep this short, because i don't really want to talk about this situation seeing as it shouldn't even occur in the first place, but here

After i died as a Vampire, i spawned myself as a Space Cop, seeing as it was my first time doing this (the two other space cops also didn't know what the hell we were doing) we spent a fair amount of time trying to figure out how to actually get to our target.

Seeing that we had no clue what we were doing, i decided to do a couple of ahelps, the first ones were polite, but when i saw that he was obviously just straight up ignoring us because i saw him being active, that's when i thought this was getting not fair.

Basically what then happened, we tried to pray multiple times, i did a lot more ahelps, each one getting more vulgar because of the "Moderator's" behavior and ego.

In the end, after a thousand ahelps and prayers, he decided to not help us because "I needed to chill" now just that alone should be enough in this report, a staff member that refuses helping a player multiple times because his Ego and fantasy of a power-hungry moderator prohibit him from being any useful to the server or players speaks for itself.

I'm not calling out for a demote, or a warning, i just wanted to share my experience with the quality of staff we can sometimes encounter here, truly laughable.

Quote:Why do you think you would be a good moderator for the server?

I want everyone to have fun, preferably if it does not ruin the fun for others. I also have patience when it comes to resolving matters and will try to ensure that a repeat offense is unlikely.

if that's wanting everyone to have fun, or being patient, then i'm a lake of peace.

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  Job ban appeal
Posted by: ShoopwhoopX - 8 hours ago - Forum: Ban Appeals - Replies (1)

OOC name (byond username): ShoopWhoopX

In-game name (Used most or at the time): Rodyle

Discord username and #tag: N/A

Approximate Time of Ban: 10/16/2019 6:00pm PST

Ban Reason/Message: "Banned from Roles: Head of Security, Warden, Detective, Deputy, Security Officer for 1 week - (as HoS)Killed and spaced a guy via the mass driver in chapel because the person was following communism as a religion. When PM'd to ask why they did that they DC'd. Player has priors for overescalation and improper playstyle of security with a prior role ban. Round ID: 3928 This is a ban requested by: Saliferous"

State your appeal (Please limit to 500 words or less): D/C from Absolute Graphics meltdown could not respond. Two people were identified as Synd. Moth and engie. Engie [b]had many synd items on him and had already killed a few players, he was later captured and Brought[/b] to me. He requested to be executed, I was going to borg him, captain said to execute him and dump the body. He refused to type normal and communicate. I remained online for a while and was never contacted until Pc crashing.

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  Rules question
Posted by: ikrarkjr - 10-16-2019, 09:39 AM - Forum: General - Replies (1)

Do you keep your memories of your death if you are replica podded?

Under what an admin told me how it works (if you have the same brain you retain your memories, if your soul is transferred to a new brain, you dont)
you would not retain your memories

However, in the wiki it says that you do, magically

Which is it? Because it definitely matters for gameplay

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  Ban appeal
Posted by: Alrac - 10-15-2019, 11:02 PM - Forum: Closed Ban Appeals - Replies (1)

Your OOC name (byond username):Alrac

Your in-game name (Used most or at the time):i dont know

Your Discord username and #tag:Alrac#8312

Approximate Time of Ban (Give your best estimate. Used for investigation):permanent

Ban Reason/Message (Copy paste or screenshot of the ban screen with round ID, banning admin visible):Ban evasion. Playing on ApiPaltea while this account was banned

State your appeal (Please limit to 500 words or less):I showed my cousin this game and he entered his server please forgive me 

what happens is that I left home for a few days and left my laptop and my cousin used it
thats not wack

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  nitro2030ce's report on Saliferious
Posted by: stalkerino - 10-14-2019, 11:02 PM - Forum: Staff Reports - Replies (5)

BYOND name: Nitro2030ce
Who are you reporting: Saliferious
Why are you reporting this admin?: I was on the escape shuttle when suddenly some guy runs at me with a spear and throws it at me three times, then I see him in a room and I close it. I steal his spear and kill him, where suddenly I get gulag'd by Saliferious and when I asked why "I watched you kill him"
This is clear incompetence as he did not even bother to check the logs, ask the victim or me whatsoever. I do realize why calling a incompetent admin a retard is disrespectful but in my opinion it was slightly justified as being jailed by an incompetent staff member at the round end makes you a little uneasy on the said staff member

Logs: Chat   

-- Administrator private message --
Admin PM from-Saliferous: random murder is why, so off to gulag with you
Click on the administrator's name to reply.
PM to-Admins: are you retarded? he threw a spear at me
PM to-Admins: check the logs maybe before gulaging me????
PM to-Admins: isnt that ur job as an admin
-- Administrator private message --
Admin PM from-Saliferous: no cuz i watched you murder him with said spear
Click on the administrator's name to reply.
PM to-Admins: i stole his spear after he threw it at me before, check the logs retard
You throw the spear.2
-- Administrator private message --
Admin PM from-Saliferous: aaaaand now im gonna keep you there for calling me that
Click on the administrator's name to reply.

Admin PM from-Shlomobergerstein: cus youre supposed to be admin prisoned, that being said you were still a traitor so im offering your body to ghosts

This is right after the round ended and a new one started, then he gave my body back and then took it away again. When I asked why its because I hit a borg for using the human harm siren as a peacekeeper borg for no reason, this - keep in mind was only ONE hit

Admin PM from-Shlomobergerstein: you were literally hitting that borg for no reason

Logs of me hitting the borg ONCE

Error: You do not have sufficient rights to do that. You require one of the following flags: +VAREDIT.

[Common] Donna Sommer says, "A depty"

You have nothing to drop in your hand!

Blockhead blares out a near-deafening siren from its speakers!


John Bomb chopped Blockhead with the chainsaw hand!

Right after this reply I have been banned by the request of Saliferious
Reason: (as John Bomb) Over-escalated someone throwing a spear at them on the shuttle prior to round end., by attacking a different person who had shoved him. Proceeded to take said spear and stab the shoved-person to -107hp. I also witnessed the event directly. He has multiple prior notes/warning concerning overescalation and general murder of other players.\n\nban requested by morderator Saliferous
Is being attacked 3 times with a weapon that does 18 brute damage a tap and killing them in return really overescalation? If so if I get attacked next time at all I'll just stand still knowing that I can not defend myself otherwise I willg et banned by our finest staff members

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  Saliferious complaint by Mastergodown
Posted by: mastergodown - 10-14-2019, 10:55 PM - Forum: Staff Reports - Replies (3)

My ckey: Mastergodown
Shitmin ckey: Saliferious
Why: So the hop announces that everyone gets AA, I go there, tell the hop his crimes, and call more security over. I barge in when he opens the door. I stun him but he disables me before going down and then lethals me. Me and the dep end up getting him and I perma the hop for commiting resisting arrest, attempted murder (as he lethaled me a lot), and grand sabotage (for passing out AA).  I get a admin pm from Saliferious saying to uncuff the hop. I ask him why the hell I would do that as the hop has committed capital crimes. He says that I know why. Fuck this, I tell him the crimes that he did and says some bullshit as "Security cant arrest heads of staff!" which I looked in the rules and it said absolutely nothing about sec arresting heads. He then says ok but me "Breaking" in to the hop office and him defending himself is justifiable. I told him about how I barged in and him defending himself doesnt stop me from doing an arrest. I also told him that I got permission from the HOS (Which turned out to be the dep, I didnt know the hoses name and he didnt use loud mode.) He clarifies this to me and then pulls some bullshit as he releases the hop, and what is making me suspicious is how he clarifies to "Forget this ever happened". I call him for his bullshit and he tells me to forget and closes the adminpm. Now that is just shit. I didnt get punished, but fuck that.

Logs (taken from when the admin pm got closed) https://www.dropbox.com/s/5ttj8nwv6kmzr0...e.txt?dl=0

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  and they keep comming...
Posted by: Furminium - 10-14-2019, 09:55 PM - Forum: Grief Patrol - No Replies

ROUND ID #: 3899
YOUR Character Name: Chills-The-Heat
YOUR Byond Key: Furminium
GRIEFER Character Name: 
GRIEFER Byond Key:
Description of grief occurrence:  Ung Of Clan Glob

Ung Of Clan Glob

Ran into robotics with a stunprod and insulated gloves, was thrown out, was a roboticist by hop, ran back in, made a durand, killed all roboticists.

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  Asher Clarke selfantagging as CMO
Posted by: Furminium - 10-14-2019, 05:08 PM - Forum: Grief Patrol - Replies (11)

ROUND ID #: 3897
YOUR Character Name: Chills-the-heat 
YOUR Byond Key: Furminium
GRIEFER Character Name: Asher Clarke
GRIEFER Byond Key: 
Description of grief occurrence:

First off, he(A.C.) wasn't an antag.

He Broke into robotics with a jaw of life. As i know the noise, i felt reminded to grab a flash, so i did. As he broke in, i flashed him. After that, i dragged him out, in order to ask him what he wants. He proceeds to fight with one of the durands we(Roboticists) made. I tried to flash him to get him out until he started attacking me with a welder. While i still tried to flash him out, he stole my flash and became flash proof, so i tried shoving him but seeing that he almost instantly got up, i decided to attack him lethal as well. The fight took a bit until something exploded me to the ground, at which point he proceeded to welder me to death. Self antagging is very much a ban reason.
IN the very next round
(ID 3898) he became captain and named the station "Asher Clarke has designated your station as I'M GONNA SAY IT" aswell as saying [Common] Asher Clarke says, "CENTCOM MUST SAY THE N WORD BY TONIGHT" [Common] Asher Clarke says, "OR PEOPLE WILL DIE"

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Posted by: SantosDeMarque - 10-14-2019, 12:46 PM - Forum: Staff Reports - Replies (1)






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  Ban appeal
Posted by: Alrac - 10-14-2019, 02:55 AM - Forum: Closed Ban Appeals - Replies (1)

Your OOC name (byond username):Alrac

Your in-game name (Used most or at the time):i dont know

Your Discord username and #tag:Alrac#8312

Approximate Time of Ban (Give your best estimate. Used for investigation):permanent

Ban Reason/Message (Copy paste or screenshot of the ban screen with round ID, banning admin visible):Ban evasion. Playing on ApiPaltea while this account was banned

State your appeal (Please limit to 500 words or less):I showed my cousin this game and he entered his server please forgive me

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