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Jack J. Kahn and King 3000
ROUND ID #: 5305
YOUR Character Name: Maranda Moth
YOUR Byond Key: Mizalona
GRIEFER Character Name: Jack J. Kahn and King 3000
GRIEFER Byond Key: Not sure
Description of grief occurrence:

I was the warden, and Jack, as a medical doctor, came into security and try to steal an emag as security and the captain were launching an investigation, and insisted on acting like a security member by "being a prisoners lawyer or searching a criminals bags", throughout the round, he would constantly hack doors, attempt to enter security while we were busy despite being told to leave countless times, and even after I set him to arrest, he would try to sneak into security because, as I can assume, "Solid snake outfit". Despite being a medical doctor, his icon was "janitor" and could get in security maint without hacking, (Not sure if medical doctors can do that), but despite being put on arrest, King 3000 would aid him in his tresspass by escorting him around. When I tried to detain him at the end of the round, King 3000 the borg would constantly pull him away or take him, even flashed me despite his arrest status. Even on the shuttle, he refused orders and continued to take Jack, eventually hiding away in storage.
sounds like possible meta-comming - needs looking into.
"just want to give my 2 cents"
After lookin through the logs, I don't think it was meta comming. Think King 3000 was just a nerd who really liked snake, since it was the only thing he said. Anyway, dealt with it, thanks bb
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