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Adolf Shitler - Escalating conflict using lethals.
ROUND ID #:5305
YOUR Character Name: Maranda Moth
YOUR Byond Key: Mizalona
GRIEFER Character Name: Adolf Shitler
GRIEFER Byond Key:
Description of grief occurrence: He had stolen the captain's ID for "an invesitgation", and it seemed a security officer had set him to arrest. I was busy dealing with other things at the time, but when I came to the brig, a borg had let them out, and then Adolf started attacking people in the brig, nearly critting Verde, and nearly killing me in the process. They were using flash bangs, pulse shells, and escalated a situation, nearly killing people.
was he an antag?
also nearly - means he didn't
"just wanted to give my 2 cents"
looked into it. From what I can tell, everyone just needs to RP in chat more. Without conversations to help contextualize things, it's very hard to determine what's done out of line.

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