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Ban appeal



2020-01-13 10:58:45 Round ID 5289

"Beat multiple people for entering the kitchen and then killed someone and left him to be dragged away by others. This resulted in him being dragged off by a clown and thrown in maints. You never once spoke to the people to ask them to leave and when confronted said that because of cqc you have the right to beat anyone who enters kitchen. Requested by Buzzard. You have a nice history of this sort of thing.

i don't remember how many people i've "beat" up, maybe 3 or 4 but im sure i never beat someone that much to make him dead, usualy i go for Slam and Kick combo to put them sleep for half a minute then throw thier bodies outside of the kitchen where they've came from. I remember that there was a beefman asking for meat and trying to cross the table in the same time at the round start, i've CQC him, throwed out and when he wake up he asked this time with out corssing the table for a meat. Nice a first person who been taught a lesson, he got his meat and never seen him again then i get bonked about my actions, next was miner with sans mask and asked if i want bad time, i politely answered that he will get bad time if he try cross the table, he's stupid mind decided to try do it and he got CQC like previous idiot and throwed his body outside of kitchen and then got teleported to jail for about 2 minutes, next a holy cult showed up and tried convince me to join thier religion when i am already in my own beautiful religion, the holy cult left and returned about 10 minutes later with a chaplain, we spoke some words and chap started to getting on table and i knew he's not up to good, like other previous idiots, he got CQC out of the kitchen, i've sit in my kitchen the whole round, maybe left for cyro beaker for that easy meat production. There was one person too but i dont remember if i CQC him or not and it was Virologist with his syringe, he syringed my food and ran away, i had to throw my hard work down to the trash, he showed once more, but this time i left only one food to attract customers, it got syringed again and once more throwed my work into trash, if the person who died from me was viro, then i have no regrets of this ban, also not my problem that people are that stupid to not help a men but just steal the body and throw it into maint and i've spoke to miner that he will regreat of crossing the table (dunno if there was more people who have been warned but im sure i warned viro that he will end up in grinder if he tries to syringe my food one more time which never happend after that warning)
Over the course of the round i witnessed multiple people enter the kitchen and get beaten and thrown out. I informed you that you need to use words before resulting to violence so then you began telling people that if they came over the cabinet you were gonna beat them and in your own words would gib them. The issue came when a man came into the kitchen when you were in the back and started getting meat for himself as a meatman at low health. You return and beat him to death and throw him over into the hallway without a single word and then go back to whatever you were doing.This violates the rules in that you can't just kill people and leave them dead you need to take them to medical and secondly you never once contacted security for any of this you just beat them all yourself and when confronted you tell me that you can do this because of the game mechanics.
I dont really remember the part that i've killed a beefman, i'm sure that i knocked him down, kicked him then throwed him out, after this i've gave him his requested meat and then he went by his own self WITHOUT any help of others
I'm sure ya probably don't remember so i'll go ahead and post a couple log notes for ya to get a memory refresher. In it you'll notice that not only did you beat the man to death you then continued to beat him after he was dead until he was well into the -100's in health. You don't take him to medical either he sits there in the hallway dead until a clown takes off with him. I feel the ban was applied fairly and i think it should stay and hopefully you will learn from it. Please take the time to read out rules and remember that security is the one who should be informed before you go taking the law into your own hands.

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Seems this ban is sticking. Closing.
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