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Shawn Gadow Abuse
While desperately trying to hide with Cargo from the basilisk that was tearing up the station alongside syndicate goons Shawn Gadow claimed I was trying to break in which was true, I'll give him that much, but I was doing it to try and escape death. He proceeded to beat me and forcibly drag me to security where (instead of putting me in a normal cell) dragged me to the perma cells, stripped me, gaged me, put me in a straight jacket and drugged me before tying me up in a cell AND STABBING MY EYES OUT WITH A SCREWDRIVER. Afterward, I managed to get out of my binds as he removed the straight jacket and gag to go harass some other poor soul whom I saw later on as I was figuring out a way to call for help with a PDA he stupidly left in the cell. He then stunned me, cuffed me, dragged me into another room and started to beat me with his baton which is when I finally did a hard disconnect because that was just straight-up abuse at that point.

Round ID : 5322 (I think)
We were already aware of this in game actually. Thanks for the report though. We recommend always ahelping as soon as this stuff starts.
[Image: 8SOCkdc.gif]

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