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Lennox Anderson - TK abuse, shuttle grief, attempted murder as non-antag HoS
Round ID: 5324
Character: Burger

ROUND ID #: 5324
YOUR Character Name: Burger
YOUR Byond Key: BurgerBB
GRIEFER Character Name: Lennox Anderson
GRIEFER Byond Key: ????
Description of grief occurrence:

Started firing off the detective's revolver on the shuttle despite no reason to do. Hit multiple people in the process, including headshotting myself and several people.
Frequently abused TK in the round to hit people with objects 4 no rasin, disrupting medical excessively to the point where them pushing people with objects resulted in the death of a crewmember. Did it further on the shuttle in an attempt to kill me.
Hey, that's the metagaming guy!
OP edited. Accidentally confused the character name with the ckey.
Dealt with, thanks cutie uwu
[Image: i1wH7KB.png][Image: EYsHyKQ.png]

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