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Kevin James and AdamSandler EightCrazyNights - Stolen ID then murdered
ROUND ID #: 5325
YOUR Character Name: Bill From Accounting
GRIEFER Character Name: Kevin James and AdamSandler EightCrazyNights
GRIEFER Byond Key: N/A
Description of grief occurrence:

Died in the hallwall due to lack of oxygen, get defibed maybe 5-10 minutes later. Notice my PDA is missing, start looking around and see Kevin James with it, demand he give it back, he says nothing so I push him over. AdamSandler EightCrazyNights who was also in cargo lobby starts beating me to death until I fall dwon then Kevin James joins in. soon I al dead then Kevin James beheads me. None of them were antags and I suspect due to them not talking and having similar names that they were also in a Discord call or something.
Thanks for reportin, dealt with it
[Image: i1wH7KB.png][Image: EYsHyKQ.png]

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