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ROUND ID #:5713
YOUR Character Name: Clyde clydson
YOUR Byond Key:MaximumAsp79
GRIEFER Character Name: Dio brando
GRIEFER Byond Key:Mechasonic5
Description of grief occurrence:
Just gonna preface this by saying that when I ahelped shadow said it was all fine and that they were "doing objective". Which is complete bullshit. 
His objectives (Did not screenshot eoor report)
Mechasonic5 was Dio Brando the Geneticist and survived
(used 0 TC)

Objective #1: Prevent Fridge Alliman, the Geneticist, from escaping alive. Success!
Objective #2: Assassinate Krisfer, the Deputy. Success!
Objective #3: Escape on the shuttle or an escape pod alive and without being in custody. Fail.
The traitor has failed!
So this guy gets on the emergency shuttle, as a hulk with laser eyes and starts fucking blasting and punching everyone. and I mean everyone, he just would not stop. I ahelp, get a response from shadow that it was somehow all fine, which makes no fucking sense to me.
why not post the real picture or atleast ask the staff for it ?
(02-09-2020, 07:40 AM)Manu9123 Wrote: why not post the real picture or atleast ask the staff for it ?
You realize that with the round number they can find that all out mate?
This has been looked into. What happened seemed to be him killing both of his targets on the shuttle in the last moment and succeeding, yet being silly enough to get caught. You got caught in the crossfire a bit but didn't die.

Thank you for posting this out of concern!

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