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Executed by shitcurity for nothing
ROUND ID #: 5789
YOUR Character Name: Ouiner Soucier
YOUR Byond Key: georgeisneat
GRIEFER Character Name: Harry Dubois, Alberto Macca, Marley Jerome
GRIEFER Byond Key:
Description of grief occurrence: Warden and other shitcurity execute and cremate me, the mime, claiming I am a syndicate whilst having no evidence and I have done nothing wrong (and I am of course not a syndicate)

[Image: 12.PNG]
[Image: 123.PNG]
[Image: unknown.png]
[Image: unknown.png]
Looking into it.

Alright so upon reviewing the logs I've drawn up a conclusion and a few remarks.
First off, did security handle things properly? Not exactly, although not bannable, their method of investigation and trial was improper and inconclusive.
Second, they had been discussing the existence of syndies due to the evidence of syndicate gear (the gear that you and your friends brought back from the gateway).
I am going to assume you took the gear from the syndicate outpost, since the logs record you visiting there during your expedition through the gateway.
Normally I would ask as to why you did not explain your case, but you were a Mime, so you could not effectively do so. However, one of your friends attempted to explain the situation.

In conclusion, the security of that shift did handle the situation improperly (which can be noted) but not in the way to constitute a ban, as they did in fact have evidence to support their claims of you being a syndie since you had syndie gear on you. The issue derives from the lack of proper communication and understanding of the fact that you claimed that gear from the gateway.

Additionally I would like to inform you that under no circumstances is any form of ERP allowed on our server, that includes.... whatever the hell you were doing to yourself....
Please refrain from that activity in the future so that no other staff member has to read through those logs, thankyou.
[Image: unknown.png]

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