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Arrival camping cultist
ROUND ID #: 5802
YOUR Character Name: Doofy Douglas
YOUR Byond Key: SprklTwnkl
GRIEFER Character Name: Junal-Skee
GRIEFER Byond Key: Sevek
Description of grief occurrence: Screenshot summarizes nicely. I had arrived, and had started sorting my starting gear when grey assistant, lizard cultist, Junal-Skee walked onto the shuttle and overloaded electronics and stunned me, killing me with claws and dagger as he immediately dragged me into arrivals maints to convert me into a shade, without so much as a "How-do-ya-do?". I wanted no part of a cult employing such underhanded shitter powergaming tactics (Gotta love that MRP, "beginner/learning" server). So I eventually suicided and spent the round as a derelict drone trying to figure out engineering stuff.

I Ahelp'd this a few times, no admins were online when it originally transpired. Prata eventually got online, so I succinctly asked "Is arrival camping allowed?" The ticket was never answered or resolved. Many people in OOC chat said it was not after the round had ended, so I looked it up, just to be sure. under the antag policy section of the rules
"1.2. Do not spawn camp or prevent others from entering the round safely."

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Taken a look at this, thanks for posting your screenshot. I've dealt with the person now.
- Ash Lizman

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