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Fulpstation Rules 2.0
Common rules

1: Fulpstation is a Light Roleplay server. This is defined as trying to have at least a minimum of in-character conversational contact with other players, rather than powergaming to “win”. Fulpstation is about the crew of a doomed space station and how they survived or suffered the events of its fall. Each shift (round) is a new story about that downfall. If you’re not contributing in some small way to that story, this server may not be the server for you.

2: Griefing is not allowed. Griefplay is when a player disrupts the enjoyment of other players outside the rules of the game. This can range from killing or trapping them to taking their possessions without cause. Doing so is a bannable offense.
If your objective is to murder a player’s character, then that is not grief. Killing non-targets is allowed ONLY if they stand directly in the way of your success. Murdering someone because they mouthed off, because you don’t like them, or because you thought it would be funny is an example of griefplay, and is bannable if the other player did not permit it. If you have any doubts, message the Admins. If they give you clearance, then go for it.

3: Erotic roleplay is not allowed. For the first offense you will receive a warning, second offense you will be banned. Always keep in mind you may be playing with children.

4: Be respectful in Out-of-Character (OOC) chat, and do not discuss the current round in OOC chat unless it has ended. Don’t complain about Security, don’t talk about the antagonist who killed you, and so on. Feel free to be a dickhead in-character (this is a Light Roleplay server, after all), and you may freely discuss the current round in Dead chat (as a ghost). Just keep it out of OOC chat.

5: Do not metacommunicate or multikey. Space Station 13 is a game that relies on players having limited information about ongoing events. You are only allowed to participate in a round on this server from a single BYOND account. Do not try to join with a different account to continue playing. If you are playing with a friend with different characters in the same round, only use in-game means of communication to discuss in-game events. You will receive a warning for your first offense, and if it continues you will be banned.

6: Do not spam or advertise. Do not post links without prior approval by an admin. You WILL be IP banned forever.

7: Admins are the boss, so listen to them. If an admin tells you that you shouldn’t be doing something, you shouldn’t be doing it. All cases are subject to admin discretion. If an admin contacts you, you are expected to respond as soon as possible. If you cannot be reached in a reasonable amount of time, you may be booted from the game. When an admin makes a decision concerning a dispute, do not continuously dispute it with them this can lead to a warning. Please try to be polite and respectful when speaking with an admin. If you think an admin is not extending the same courtesy to you, you may ask for another admin to take your case, and are encouraged to make an administrator complaint in the Discord. Ignoring admin PMs, lying, insulting admins or other players, or showing a general bad attitude may and will be counted against you and could lead to a ban.

8: Do not ask admins what they’ve done to take care of an AHELP or grief situation. If it was reported, and they responded to say it’s being handled, then it’s being handled. You’ll be asked questions about the situation if needed, and you’re encouraged to provide whatever info you can. But insisting to the admins that you must know what was done makes your AHELP request seem petty, and admins may not be willing to take your side next time.

9: Hate speech is strictly forbidden. Using the Fulpstation Discord or SS13 server to threaten people (whether they are members of the Fulpstation community or not) or propagate racial slurs is a bannable offense. Some servers may allow this behavior, but we take it very seriously and will not allow it.

In-game rules

1.1: Playing as the A.I. or a Cyborg is considered Medium Roleplay, as you’ll have specific rules governing your behavior that MUST be followed. If any of your laws dictate that you are valuable to the station, you MUST resist any attempt by another player to convert you to an antagonist (emag, etc.). Being human and mind controlled by another player (as a Bloodsucker vassal, for example) similarly obligates you to obey the rules given to you as though they were laws. Blatantly breaking these laws will lead to a job ban, or full ban if blatantly disregarded. [edited by Swain]™️

1.2: Do not greytide. ie. Do not break windows to space, electrify doors, lube floors, steal important items, attack or rob random people, especially those that are AFK or braindead. Do not vandalize areas or break lights excessively. Do not block public hallways. Do not deconstruct shuttle chairs. Do not disrupt security for your own enjoyment. For antagonists, the murderboning rule applies instead.

1.3: Do not act as an antagonist when not one. If you commit crimes that can result in you receiving capital punishment as non-antagonist, you are breaking this rule. Do not cause excessive chaos as a non-antagonist. Do not act violently when being arrested or removed from an area you are not supposed to be in; using force to defend yourself in cases like that is not considered self-defense. If you are confused about whether you are an antagonist or not, you are not an antagonist. If you act as an antagonist even though you weren’t assigned one, your punishment will range from how much damage you cause. A little fun (slipping people), might get you 2 minutes in the brig, if you are a jerk you might be permabrigged. If you are just completely horrible, you’ll be banned.

1.3.1: Do not act as a greytiding wizard/Deathsquad during wizard gamemode. If you acquire guns or magical items during a wizard round and you are NOT given any objectives by the game, do not use the given items for killing, griefing and greytiding, as it will result in a ban.[edited by Chros]  This does not apply to people who are given objective of hoarding guns. The murderboning rule still applies if you are given the objective.

1.4 Do not PM Admins asking to be antag. Doing so will get you job banned from being one. There are plenty of other people waiting their turn, and no one deserves it more than anyone else. You may pray for an antag role if it’s roleplayed well, but if you spam request it or quit/suicide after you’re denied, expect to be job banned from antag roles or to have your pray ability taken away. To up your chances of being picked, remember to keep your special role preferences up to date so you are considered as a candidate.

1.5: Do not metagame. Your character does not know everything you do. You should not know the nature of traitor items, except those that are obviously dangerous, like bombs or guns. Of course, antagonists are expected to know everything about their abilities and are trained to do any station job, and have been briefed about other enemies of Nanotrasen.
Definition of 'Spotting': Blood runes, arcane tomes, clockwork slabs, clockworks structures, blatant and obvious traitor items, blatant and obvious changeling abilities(transformation, armblades), revolution flashers, revolution flash hijackers, and shadowlings themselves are all valid items/objects/people to spot a certain antagonist. Until an antagonist is spotted, you may not metagame their items or abilities in order to powergame your way through detecting them before they make a mistake.

1.6: No obscene names for your characters. A.I.s and Cyborgs should have names reflecting their robotic nature.

1.7: Demonstrate Clone Memory Disorder. If your character returns from the dead via cloning or cyborgization, they should not remember anything related to their death and absolutely nothing they saw after they died. You retain your memories if you are revived by defibrillator or magic. If you get to return to a round as a different character, such as a personal AI, drone, adamantine golem, animal, space ninja, etc., you should not remember anything that happened before you became that new character. On the other hand, if the character had their brain removed while they were alive, as either a humanoid or cyborg, or had their soul taken with a soulstone, they retain all memories of their life.

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