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Bloodsuckers: A Starter Guide
So it turns out you're a filthy, bloodsucking vampire aboard a doomed space station. I'm sorry to hear that.

  But it's not all bad news! Although you're desperately weak to the frequent solar flares that bombard the station, you are more powerful than the living, breathing chattel you call your crewmates. You will find that your blood thickens rapidly at such dangerous proximity to Sol, enhancing your power and aging you rapidly in a way that would take centuries for your vampiric predecessors back on Earth.

  • Natural resistance to Brute damage, and supernatural Brute damage healing.
  • Immune to Toxic or Oxygen damage.
  • Mildly higher than normal health.
  • Slight increase to unarmed damage.
  • Dark vision.
  • Critical weakness to Burn damage.
  • Need to consume blood, or suffer detrimental side effects and risk blatant exposure.
  • Solar Flares are fatal.
  • A wooden stake embedded in the chest while asleep, prone, or stunned.
  • Can be tracked by Hunters aboard the station.
  • Corpse-like physiology easy to identify by medical personnel.
  • Incapable of natural or medical healing.
  As you Rank Up, you'll select new powers to increase the potency of your Bloodsucker.
  • *Feed - Draw the blood of a victim in your grasp. Feeding from a passive grab (or by standing next to your victim) is not visible to the target, and can be used to secretly sneak sustenance. Feed time and blood stolen improve with each level.
  • *Masquerade - Stops most of your inherent supernatural gifts from benefiting you, but allows your body to simulate life under medical scrutiny (such as current blood volume, heartbeat, body temperature, and paleness of skin).
  • Brawn - Snap restraints, throw grapplers off of you, or slam victims to the floor. Knockdown chance and duration increase with level.
  • Cloak of Darkness - Rapidly disappear in the shadows. Speed of disappearance increases with level.
  • Fortitude - Resist stun, knockdown, dismemberment, and embedding weapons, but you won't be able to run while it's active. Brute resist increases with level.
  • Immortal Haste - Sprint rapidly across great distances, stunning those you pass for a moment. They can be knocked to the floor and may drop their held items, which happens more often at higher levels.
  • Predatory Lunge - Immediately move to aggressively grapple nearby victims. Targets will drop to the floor if lunged from behind or concealment. Knockdown time increases with level.
  • Mesmerize - Stare into your victim's eyes, temporarily rooting them in place and robbing them of their voice. Time spent under your influence increases with level.
  • Veil of Many Faces - Alter your face, voice, and characteristics to render your identity unrecognizable.
  • Trespass - Turn to mist and advance two tiles in any direction, so long as you're unobstructed by solid walls. Time spent vulnerable decreases with level.
  • *Vanishing Act - Shortly before dawn approaches, you may turn to mist and return to your lair. This is very costly, takes a moment to occur, and will cause you to drop all of your possessions if you're being observed by mortals.
[*Power not purchased through Ranking Up]

  Bloodsuckers gradually increase in strength every night that they rise from their torpid sleep. Back on Earth, this process would take centuries before an immortal could achieve the horrific power of legend. However, in space, their closeness to Sol has been found to rapidly enhance their abilities a thousandfold. The risks far outweigh the reward, however, which leaves only the most desperate vampires willing to accede to hiding among spacefaring mortals.
  Every time "day" passes into "night"that is, when a Solar Flare endsall surviving Bloodsuckers aboard the station gain the opportunity to Rank Up. If they spent the "day" in a coffin, the option is immediate. Otherwise, they will have to find and rest in a coffin at a later time to spend the points they've accumulated.

DAYLIGHT (aka Solar Flares)
  Like the sunrise of Earth, exposure to the aggressive radiation and ultraviolet light of the sun often leads careless Bloodsuckers to their doom, weeding those unfit for immortality from the herd. Only Bloodsuckers are aware of the proximity of the next Solar Flare, as they are uniquely attuned to the dangers of Sol.
  Protection from Solar Flares can be found through the following:
  • Coffins: Full protection.
  • Lockers, Crates, and other Structures: You will not catch fire, but you will slowly accrue Burn damage for the duration of the Solar Flare.
  Bloodsuckers are at their most vulnerable during daylight hours, when they are incapable of defending themselves from Hunters and the curiosity of wandering assistants. To protect against threats during their downtime, the vampiric elders of old adopted a method of forcibly addicting humans to their blood. Subjects of this process are known as Vassals, who would rather die than to see the same fate befall their master.
  To convert a crewmember into a Vassal, the Bloodsucker must first build a Persuasion Rack in their lair, and strap in the reluctant subject. After a few "sessions", the hapless mortal undergoes the Dark Communion and emerges with newfound loyalty for their vampiric benefactor, as well as the ability to slowly heal Brute damage.

  After claiming a coffin (achieved by sleeping in an unclaimed coffin), the Bloodsucker will have staked their territory in the chosen area. Claimed coffins cannot be moved once claimed, and over time, the Bloodsucker's lair will grow musty and attract vermin. Proper hygiene may be necessary to avoid exposing your lair to passers-by. 
  The structures that make up your lair each come with the following benefits:
  • Coffins: Healing no longer costs blood, and you may heal Burn damage. Protects fully against Solar Flares. Your coffin also locks from the inside when you close yourself within.
  • Persuasion Rack: Convert non-antagonist, non-mindshielded crew into loyal Vassals who must do your bidding. Equipping a weapon during "persuasion" will hasten the process.
  • Candelabrum: A decoration, currently cosmetic.
  Bloodsuckers all natively understand and speak an ancient language that the neophytes among their ranks have dubbed "Blahsucker". To the untrained ear, Blahsucker sounds like a bastard mashing together of Earth-era Romanian, Czech, and Polish. Use ,b to speak it among your allies, but be warned that observant crew may grow suspicious.


  Little known to humankind (and much by the design of vampire elders), civilization has advanced through the eons under the yolk of an undead pestilence that lurks forever in its shadow. As it was in the dark days of humanity's origins, so too is it now in the burgeoning dawn of the space age. It is in this new frontier where Bloodsuckers have set their ravenous attention on a long-theorized but never-achieved goal that may finally put an end to their greatest fear, and empower them to control their mortal chattel forever: the Dyson sphere.
  Blotting out the sun for all time would be the final gem in the crooked crown the Bloodsuckers wear in their enslavement of humans. In exchange, their subjects would have access to unlimited energy until the star grows cold. This, a symbiotic victory for all factions universe-wide, should be the obvious choice and a unifying path for every sentient being, be they good or evil, living or dead.
  But Nanotransen, focused heavily on the research and commercialization of Plasma, stands fully opposed to a functional Dyson sphere. At every turn, the omnipotent megacorporation stymies bureaucracy that leads research in that direction. Naturally, this does not sit well among the Bloodsucker elders, who plot deep within their terrestrial crypts and wring their gnarled hands as they salivate at the thought of the forever-night of a vanished Sol. Thusly do they scheme, and manipulate, and place their pawns in key positions among the countless crew of the many space stations across the solar system.
  If only they could neuter Nanotransen, the final, unwitting bastion against an endless night, then the Dyson sphere could be realized, and with it, an unimaginable darkness to last forever.


  1. Without a coffin, you're a goner. You can survive a while in lockers, but you'll never be able to heal Burn damage without one. Make finding or building a coffin a priority on your first night. All sorts of wooden objects exist around the station and can be deconstructed for wood if you can't steal one from the Chaplian.
  2. Bloodsuckers are a subtle antagonist role. This means you're in bad shape if you're discovered for what you really are. Clipping AI cameras, feeding in secret (or from corpses), and hiding your lair are all important in your first few nights, when you'll be at your weakest.
  3. Pick the power you want the most, soonest. It'll rank up as you do, which can increase knockdown chance (Haste and Brawn), increase brute damage resist (Fortitude), increase vanishing time (Cloak of Darkness), and so on.

  1. They're faster than you, they're stronger than you, and they heal most anything you throw at them...except for fire. Use fire.
  2. Wooden Stakes are an instant kill for Bloodsuckers if you can stab them while they're prone or in the deathlike sleep of torpor. Otherwise, stakes serve to totally prevent the use of any of their powers while it remains embedded. To create a stake, use a sharp object on a wooden plank. To upgrade it to a Hardened Stake, use a welding torch on it. Finally, a hardened stake can become a Silver Stake from the crafting menu.

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