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Trial-Mod App (Ryan/Terra)
Byond Account: Glubtok
Character Name(s): Terra, Hugs-The-Supermatter, Jennie Walker
Discord Name: Ryan#8465
Age: 23
Timezone: Pacific

Active hours: 12PM PST - 3AM PST as of recent, subject to change of course.

How long have you played SS13?
About 1 month, I think.

Do you have any experience as an administrator for SS13?
My experience on SS13 admining is restricted to debug/player panel commands for some theorycrafting I've been doing with chemistry and virology on a local server. I've never done any actual admin work on a legitimate SS13 server.

Tell us why you think you'd make a good administrator on this server:

I have 4+ years of experience coding, moderating and running various GMOD TTT servers:

Omnisync TTT - Moderator - 4-6 Months
-No significant accomplishments, more just personal growth and training. They helped me realize how terrible of an admin I was prior to joining them. xD

ToyRoom TTT - Developer/Head staff equivalent - 3-4 years
-Created a systemized ban policy to ensure consistent punishments and reduce player complaints and drama in the server.
-Achieved consistent 98th percentile on gametracker

Terror's Edge TTT - Founder/Developer - 8 Months
-Created custom hardcore FPS-style TTT server with parkour and a well-received play-to-win progression system.
-Peaked at 96th percentile on gametracker
-I let it die because I got bored of GMOD. RIP

Although the context is different, the mindset and various other soft skills I've learned along the way are transferrable across most game server administration roles. My three most significant soft skills I would note for this position are:

Nobody is perfect/competent at anything from the start. To expect this of others is to exhibit entitlement and a lapse in empathy. I've been the offender in this situation enough times to realize that. SS13's steep, complicated learning curve for the various nuanced facets of the game very much require its experienced players to adopt a patient, educative approach to keep itself alive. If it can't attract and retain new players, its future will be short-lived.

I've made numerous mistakes, accidentally breaking rules that I'm supposed to be enforcing. I'm painfully aware of the importance of appearing unbiased in an admin position. Much like how the first frontline employee you deal with at a store provides you with a strong impression of a company as a whole, the actions of server staff reflect upon the policies and culture of the whole team. Only in a well-connected community like this, everyone sees absolutely everything. I believe if a staff member is ever involved in an issue on the server, the burden of proof of who's at fault should be far higher for the staff member. Any less, and you risk sabotaging the integrity of the community and members' opinion of it. As such, I've doled out numerous punishments to myself, including a ban at one point.

I tend not to see things as black and white. We can write rules that govern the most apparent things we can think of, but there will always be new, unique situations that fall into a grey area not defined by them. When such issues arise, I believe it is more important in the moment to take action that will leave all parties satisfied, rather than making a black and white decision of who is at fault. For me, this usually meant giving the potential offender the benefit of the doubt while compensating the victim in some way later on. Possible policy for the situation would then be discussed if it were significant/common enough.

Sadly, I'm not open minded enough to respect clowns and mimes. They're subhuman greytiding trash. Tongue
note for prosperity: this was migrated from a different forum with a different template.

I see you have a similar background to me, old school gmod admin feller. I remember playing toyroom, lol.

I know you're been pretty active in fulp and the discord. I'd like to get other admin feedback on this before making any decisions though.
Another GMOD Staff boi. With 3 servers under your belt, one of them you founded/managed, I can definitely say you have the experience. You joined about the same time I became a staff member and I don't think I have had any issues or warnings about you at all. You are a solid player and have definitely picked up the ropes quite quickly from joining in on the wave of newer players.

I'd be down to have you on the team.
Fulpstation Admin Aussie Nerd.

Sometimes, I dream about cheese.
<3 you, you glorious aussie cunt.
Hey Terra! As part of the moderation application process we want to ask some questions to see how you respond to some of the issues we run into as moderators on the station.
Here are some questions! Please think about them a bit and consider what you know about the game and our rules to come to conclusions. I recommend checking our currently posted rules, and reference them in your answers when applicable! Please note that your performance on these questions will not by themselves make or break your application, and are simply to help us gauge where you are.

Assistant beats the clown to crit with a toolbox. When questioned why, they claim that the clown slipped them.
The logs say that they were indeed slipped by the clown, but that the clown did not strip or attack them beside that. What do you do?

A station bound AI on the ASIMOV lawset helps the crew capture a human traitor after being told by the captain that they want to execute the traitor. What do you do?

You are in voice chat, babysitting the players, when someone says something to another player that can be considered sexual harassment.
The target of this abuse claims that they don't mind. What do you do?
(I want to stress here that the voice chat moderation is NOT a requirement to be moderator. It's an optional thing we offer to the players if we have moderators to cover it)
Q1: (This falls under griefing/self-antagging. )

This would depend on two factors:
1. Whether or not the clown lived/was cloned:

Despite intent/actions being more indicative of their future behaviour than the actual effects of their actions, both need to be taken into account when doling out punishments. It's a matter of public appearance. If the effects are catastrophic, we need to show that it's not okay, potentially even if it's an honest mistake. Don't get me wrong, the intent/actions should be far more heavily weighed than the effect in most cases.

2. The assistant's play time:

The assistant's play time is a rough indicator of intent. If they have considerable time, it's reasonable to assume they should have known better. If they're new, give them the benefit of the doubt. New players are the future of the server, after all.

If the assistant had considerable play time and the clown was killed without being cloned, I'd consider some minor form of punishment, providing no prior offenses. Otherwise I'd explain to them why it was wrong, what they should have done instead, and warn them the next offense will likely be a mid-round gib or ban. The clown would then be healed if required to put them back to the state they were in prior to being beaten senseless. Allowing the clown's situation to be remedied IC-wise is ideal if possible.

Anyway, the appropriate course of action for the assistant would be to either deal with it through security or get back at the clown with some action of equal severity. Either slip them or knock them over with disarm intent. Murder is way overboard.

Q2: (In-game rules 1.1. The AI must follow their laws.)
If the AI was told prior to assisting capture that they intended to execute the traitor, they should have reasonably foreseen that this would lead to human harm. Unless there is a law stating that traitors are not considered human, they are potentially in violation of their laws.

If the AI is blatantly in the wrong, you could intervene in the moment, reminding the AI of their laws and freeing the traitor, providing said intervention isn't too severe under the circumstances. At the same time, there's plenty of grey area with law interpretation that doing anything in the moment would be jumping the gun. What if there is a legitimate reason that allowing the traitor to live would directly lead to a higher level of human harm than the act of killing the traitor themselves? Law 1 could be contradicting itself. Either you're harming the traitor or allowing other crew members to come to harm through inaction. The lesser of two evils should be allowed to prevail in IC.

I think it would be best to ask the AI their reasoning behind it before doing anything. If there is too much grey area, it might be best to deal with the fallout after the fact and distribute remedies/punishments as necessary.

Q3: (No real rules to govern this, but we do need to keep the streets we own clean.)

It's imposing on the victim to jump to their defense despite them not "saying" they're offended (essentially white-knighting). By acting on their behalf, you're making an implicit statement that they're incapable of standing up for themselves if you feel that it's necessary for you to do so. I think action should be taken, but in an impartial way that focuses solely on how the sexual act itself is the issue. The target of the sexual harassment isn't the only victim, after all. Others present in voice chat are potentially put off by it/made uncomfortable as well.

More important than anything is to establish a precedent, as perceived by those involved or witnessing it, that the actions themselves should not be allowed on the server. If nothing is done, you risk those who observed it losing faith in the moderation team. What if you watched this happen and nothing was done? Would you want to continue to be a part of the community knowing it could be you in that situation? What kind of cultures/beliefs are present among those running the community if this kind of conduct is allowed? I've asked myself questions like this numerous times across the many communities/guilds I've been a part of. On a DarkRP server I admined for a month or so, I heard the owner of it say "N-words aren't people" in the staff voice chat. Joking of course, and with more context, but it says enough about one's level of empathy to be able to say it in any manner. I quit shortly after because I believed the level of bias this implied would inhibit the community from going anywhere. You'd be dealing with issues of favoritism/drama left, right and center.

If nothing else, there's a degree of ethical responsibility to do something. Being someone who's dealt with extensive mental health issues (anxiety/depression/adhd), I've come to realize those who are the most vulnerable and in need of help ask for it the least. They have such low self worth that they feel like asserting themselves is imposing on others and that they are undeserving of said help. It's entirely possible the victim is very much bugged by the act but claims not to be in order to avoid the added conflict of dealing with the situation.
Re-wrote my response to question 2 just now, apologies.
Thanks! Some feedback:

Q1: Preetty much spot on what I'd do so good shout. Only thing is, getting slipped by clown isn't something anyone gives a fuck about lol

Q2: I felt bad asking this one because there's not enough information to come to a good conclusion. I like the thoughts you had though and feel like it'd lead you to a good answer.

Q3: This was an actual event. I think you approach this with a decent amount of caution, and without any other context, I'd agree with your observations. However, in this case, a member of staff was in the call (thank you to my very own Babysitting) so we had first-hand evidence from a third party so finding an appropriate resolution was pretty straightforward.

Thanks! I'll have some other staff look and see what they think about your answers.
definetly promissing
woudnt say you are perfect dough, counting ingame offenses
I vote for you to be firstoff trialed by becoming a mentor beforehand so you can join the mod squad
i welcome you with open arms among staff dough
Accepted! Welcome aboard!

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