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Cyanobacteria Discord Ban Appeal
Your OOC name:

State your appeal:
Some random mentor kepts ping spamming the moderator team to ban me from the discord and I guess they kept nagging people until someone could finally do it. I knew I would eventually get banned in this manner being that it was more so a majority rule thing. You can't convince me otherwise so don't bother. I realize that it's easy for you guys to do what other people want you to do than it is not to when it's one against most people. If you guys got rid of me because you merely didn't want me around, you should at least be courteous enough to state that in the rules instead of a hypocrite in stating that you should show respect toward others while disrespecting single individual because other people are doing it. Just a game, sure, but, imagine if yourself was actually in charge of something in real life.

If you want me to write an appeal that focuses on why I was discord banned, then explain why I was discord banned.
Fulpstation Rules 2.0 Common Rules 4, 7, in this specific case. You've also been warned several times about your behavior in-game and on the discord. Your continued verbal abuse of other players lead to your ban. If you can get a character reference from another server we'll consider giving some clemency, otherwise, you'll remain banned for the time being.
[Image: 7Bf4i61.png]
lol I guess I'll remain banned for your double standards you hold. How many times did remove32#3232 (a head admin) tell me "shut the fuck up" in chat windarkata? You've even strait up told me "fuck you" more than once. It was random and uncalled for in the middle of my chatting about something completely unrelated. This is a common thing from you. You clearly caved in to popular demand and it shows how much resilience you have. Suddenly getting rid of someone will make your e-peen larger and so you do it, nothing more. I'm not sure why you actually bothered trying to tell me about my verbal abuse when you've never cared yourself.

Swain if you ever decide to read this which I dout, I'v blocked players in chat who are accusing me of harassing them and I never talk to them. Giggle behind a computer screen and remember this the next time you get to stand before a jury. Windarkata won't quote anything from after my first ban because there isn't really anything other then messages I sent about moderators, which are still allowing metacommunicators to play and even metacommunicating themselves as if it's not a big deal yet people who icky ocky are getting permanently banned by admins. Your entire staff are literally hypocrites and you are complacent, doing nothing ever unless one of them makes you upset specifically. You have no concern for other people as a host on a public server and that behavior I just mentioned has your server going down the hippie station route.

Just a kids game, but, the minds of these people are no different then the people in public jurys that find others guilty because they merely didn't like their behavior. You're telling people who behave in a particular manner that you don't want them around, with or without words. The time I waste here explaining this to you is the time you and your friends will waste standing in front of their peers one day because that is the behavior you're perpetuating. Rule 4 is not griefing which I don't do. Rule 7 is literally just a rule 0 you seen on other servers. You don't even force cyborgs to follow their law set let alone admins do the same nor are your rules prioritized based on matters of conflicting importance. Windarkata literally banned me for his entertainment and the entertainment of the people I put on a block list for a reason. How can I reply and harass those people I'v blocked. Obviously things I say will be extremely cherry picked, but, go through chat logs on almost any if not all your head admins interactions with people on the server and you'll see that these animals, especially remove32#3232, say way more shitty things to everybody than any one person that's been banned for saying shitty things.

Enjoy your cess pool.
Remove32 is me. It wasn't me caving in to popular demand it was me removing someone who had been warned in game and in discord for repeated bad behavior. You are a toxic player and a psychopath. That much is clear just from reading this appeal. Your delusions of grandeur would be funny if I didn't have to deal with you.

As to your arguments of nepotism and ignoring the rules - we do enforce our rules, regardless of what you think. If we receive a report, it is investigated and dealt with. I've taken appropriate measures to safeguard against metacomms and I trust that my staff knows that I take this seriously. If you have any evidence of wrongdoing, I suggest you present it.

Lastly - seek help. Your mental state is clearly unhealthy. Find a medical professional who can help you.
[Image: 7Bf4i61.png]
So I didn't quite understand before why you had been bullying me but I realize now that you are incapable of remembering the last sentence you read or write. For example, you say that I'm a psychopath and need help yet refuse to explain how you've come to this conclusion and also choose to permanently ban me from discord over merely my form of communication because I sure as hell know that you can't say that most the things I do during the game are legitimately trolling being that you have access to the logs.

I see plenty of ad hominem attacks from you and you did in fact harass me more than anybody else in the forum, even the people I blocked. You're so blind with dunning kruger syndrome that any sentence I say to you is immediately dismissed. Your reply only covered a single thing and that was that I mentioned remove32, as everything else was just you harassing me. You believe that I lack competence which is something I'v "deduced" rather you say it or not, a skill which you don't have because you're calling be a psychopath without further pointing anything out; Furthering my belief that you're merely appeasing the crowd.

I'm going to leave you with this and hopefully you train a neural network to remember my words and try to decode them being that you're incapable of remembering more then a sentence in a conversation you have with others. You literally believe I'm delusional and grandeur because I'm talking to "you" as I would talk to another person and "you" are a "head admin" in your mind, giving you some belief of greater self importance over a title in a childs game.

For those of you who get to read this, windarkata is actually getting a kick out of myself replying to the message.
[Image: 7Bf4i61.png]

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