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The day Snickerdoodle was a drunk HoS
Original discord post:
Quote:Hey so legit...
Round ID: 2318
Character Name: Hayley Stormwall
Byond Key: FeelsGoodmanV56
Griefer Name: Emilia Huey ( 
@snickerdoodle )
Description: I was captain, Emilia was non-antag HoS. Asked for spare ID and I denied them it, instead offered I go with and authorize the "cremation" that somehow required the captain's spare ID. They said it was time sensitive so I rushed to Security with them. That's when they disappeared into maintenance and didn't respond. I retreated back to the bridge after no answer. For a solid 10-15 minutes I made announcements and pleas for the HoS to max their sensors or simply respond over comms. I gave a final warning after more time had passed. I then declared the HoS in dereliction of duty and possibly dangerous. The asking for the spare ID made me suspicious of HoS being either a traitor or changeling. I made the announcement of HoS's dereliction of duty and possibility of being traitor/changeling and made the appropriate records in the security database and set him to arrest. Several minutes later Emilia Huey, the HoS, is seen talking on [common] and labeled me, the captain, as a traitor or ling. Emilia began spreading conspiracies about me being a ling but never spoke over security or command frequencies. Emilia couldn't be reasoned with over comms or by announcements by either myself or EVA the AI played by Sliggist ( 
@Slig [Eva] ). Emilia threatened (practically ordered security) to kill me and labeled the AI as rogue... good thing I wrote laws at the start to only allow myself to change AI laws. The station devolved into chaos as a cult engineering never set up the super matter and Viro made a super virus that started killing everyone.

TL;DR I'm pretty sure that Emilia Huey disorganized the very small security force with the spread of conspiracy and dereliction of duty, making Emilia partially responsible for the chaos and death toll on the station.

I want moderator or admin opinions on this.

Further info from Slig (also from discord):
Quote:thats all true i kept turning on the microphones in sec so i could hear what they were saying they wanted to kill the capt because they thought he was a ling and had other sec officers helping them patrol the bridge for when it came out of lock down they pulled out lethals 5min into the round and wouldnt talk to capt over coms wouldnt put suit sensors on then imminently where like yep we have to kill the capt since i didnt get special id oh plus since i was ai i was able to watch them kill every person that went into sec instead of jail and go it was just murder

Coolsurf shared logs on the discord.
He was drunk as HoS.
I just want him to know we caught him doing silly shit.

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