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mashedpotatoes2001 ban appeal
Your OOC name (byond username): mashedpotatoes2001

Your Discord username and #tag:COUCHES COUCHES COUCHES#0203

Approximate Time of Ban (Give your best estimate. Used for investigation): 2pm pst

Ban Reason/Message (Copy paste or screenshot of the ban screen with round ID, banning admin visible):

State your appeal (Please limit to 500 words.  We will not actually count the words unless your appeal is absurdly long):

There is no incident stated for why i was banned. he claims i bolted open the sm and threw engis into it as a clown which is partially true. What actually happened was i was given permission by engis to make a sm slip and slide as the clown and announced it over coms with a mega phone to make it clear what was going on then put lube and soap in the walk way after rcd'ing the doors with an rcd given to me by the engi who knew exactly what i was going to do with it. then windarkata claims i threw an engineer into the sm which is provably false, as it was actually the opposite. all you would have to do is read the logs to figure out that i was tossed into the sm and not an engi. i also made it very obvious what it was so as to not trick anyone into using it and it was easily fixable if an engineer asked me to. This ban is insane to me because i was literally the only one who died to this clown prank APPROVED BY ENGIS and the sm never came close to delaming until an idiot pumped it full of molten plasma and forgot to turn on the scrubbers. I made sure no one who didnt want to die to the sm did, and because of this, literally no one but me did. i also find it kind of ridiculous my banmin didnt even look at the logs before giving me a PERMANENT ban with wrong information, and also didnt give me a ban reason so it was harder to appeal.....

oh and let me add, this issue had actually already been solved by another admin, who just asked me to refrain from more dangerous pranks like that. so the situation had already been solved reasonably and respectfully before he jumped in and ban hammered over something he had no involvement in and im guessing probably didnt witness like he said. this whole thing is very sketch to me

i also didnt damage the station in any way besides the airlocks and harmed no one. the round was entirely unaffected by this.

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Rule 2 - you bolted open SM/removed the doors to the SM. this constitutes griefing because your actions directly caused the death of innocent players. you also have a history with this rule.
Rule 3 - admittedly this one is a bit of a stretch but I threw it in because of your use of the me verb to, from what I could tell, request a blowjob.
Rule 1.2 - Greytide. This one is pretty self explanatory. You frequently lube floors, steal items, and generally harass people.
Rule 1.3 - Your actions of throwing people into the SM would constitute self antagging.

On top of what I saw in that round alone, I've seen you misbehaving multiple times, and received even more complaints about your behavior.

Part of the reason you received this ban was the long list of notes on your account. The permanent ban wasn't so much the events of that round, but the pattern of behavior and offenses.
See this list.

What I want to see from you is an acknowledgement of the rules you've broken and a promise to behave better. IF I unban you and let you back in, you'll be under watch, and if you misbehave again you will receive a permanent ban again and you will not be able to appeal it.
[Image: 7Bf4i61.png]
imagine banning someone for notes, some of which were later removed etc. but lets go down this list

rule 2: bolting the sm didnt cause any deaths, and also isnt griefing
rule 3: telling someone to suck your dick isnt erp, its a fucking insult
rule 1.2: i lube the floors as a CLOWN which is what clowns DO. i didnt know theft was against the rules? that sounds like ic to me, and generally "harassing people" is both A completely subjective and B entirely ic
1.3 I didnt throw anyone into the sm, as clearly revealed by the fucking logs.

so all the rules you stated i broke never actually were broken, and you still havent checked the logs it seems. this all seems like a thinly veiled attempt to get rid of me, purely because you dont like me.

also might i add, banning someone for past notes is essentially double jeopardy, and widely considered complete shitmin behavior. I fully expect this ban to stand because i didnt tell you want you to hear though.

oh and not to mention one of those notes is about this particular incident, so not only is this ban entirely unjustified and plain stupid, its also redundant. literally punishing me twice for the same crime...

also that borg incident was a massive misunderstanding that was immediately talked out with the banmin and lifted. seems disingenuous to not include that info as I know you have it and were aware of that...

the meta grudging also never happened and was never explained or bwoinked.
also never grudged cmo or heads, dont know what thats about. never bwoinked about it
and since when is monkeying people as geneticist self antag? thats fucking stupid
people died as a result of the door being left open. lubing the path to the SM is NOT what clowns are meant to do with lube unless you were an antag.
i acknowledged that rule 3 was a stretch so that point is moot.

none of those notes were removed, but some of them were addressed in bans, which also show in the notes.
first, the watchlist item: evilsack called out that you were a constant greytider and quick to kill.
then, from the bottom:
metagrudge, grief (you received a measly 1 day ban for the grudgery)
greytiding, arguing with admins
finally, the note from the incident that sparked this ban. misdoubtful did accurately detail the incident from what I could tell in the logs. its worth noting that tampering with the SM in such a way that your actions destabilize it is something that we do actually bwoink(ban when appropriate) for. this note did not count as a punishment. it was just a note.

Again. I usually don't permaban. I don't like to do it. But I need you to understand that I take the behavior you demonstrate pretty seriously. Your assumption that I dislike you is unfounded - I am too busy to give a shit about who you are or what you're like. but if you can agree to comply with our rules and play in a way that does not infringe on the enjoyment of other players, then I'll unban you and we can move on with our lives.
[Image: 7Bf4i61.png]
No one died from the sm, i literally spectated it. someone walled it off then the server crashed, please don’t lie in ban appeals. Unless some how the server uncrashed itself I saw the entire post death sequence. No damage was done except for the idiot atmos who created fusion in the sm by forgetting to turn on scrubbers, which had nothing to do with me.

and i didnt tamper with the sm, i was pushed into it.

AND AGAIN past notes =/ ban thats top tier shitmin behavior and you know it. 

I’m more than happy to continue following the rules but this ban is completely unfounded, others have expressed the same opinion when asked about it. I’m not gonna kiss up to you to get unbanned for an invalid ban but I am more than willing to tone down my behavior that you guys see as grey tiding. As for the grudging though, I honestly have ZERO clue as to what that is in reference

I’d actually be very interested in talking to the notemin. I remember getting banned and asking about it and getting no response. In fact I’m constantly meta grudged on the server myself ??‍♂️
incorrect. someone did die to the SM - apparently it was you. lol.
regardless of who exactly did die, you set the board for more people to die until you left because the 1 guy who tried to robust you ran into the SM and it began to delam.
opening/removing the doors to the SM constitute tampering.

"past notes" none of these are less than a month old. i ignored the sections for which you were punished already.

"continue following the rules" it'd be great if you could follow them in the first place. i don't give a fuck about your opinion of me and i don't care if you kiss up to me or not.
you will tone down your behavior or you will receive a second ban and i will be much less receptive to an appeal.

ban lifted. don't forget - we're watching
[Image: 7Bf4i61.png]

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