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Asher Clark
ROUND ID: 2569
YOUR Character Name: Eliot Straub
YOUR Byond Key: Azlef123
GRIEFER Character Name: Asher Clarke

He breaks into Medical willy-nilly, takes from our Protolathe, doesn't respond to anyone, and steals whatever he wants. At one point I was cleaning up the hallway of blood and slipped on water and he picked up the cleaner, said "get fucked" and just bolted. Meanwhile Security does nothing at all. He gets excused by people because he "helps on occasion" but I don't really think that excuses his behaviour. Seriously, if he at least gave reasons for why he does what he does it would be slightly more understanding, but he doesn't and when asked you get snarky "fuck off" remarks.

Edit to add later events: He continuously griefed Medbay, and me specifically. The moment I even attempted retaliation, he and two others killed me, beheaded my corpse, and prevented another Medical Doctor from bringing me back to life. He's done nothing but break the rules all round, and Tory the HoS is friends with him and refuses to do anything about it. He also tried to lie it off to others by claiming "Oh I thought he was a vampire" when he knew from the start he had zero reason to suspect me of anything.
I probably could have handled this better in communicating it to both sides involved, but there's arguments for both of you being in the wrong here. Him for greytiding and you for overescalation. Neither of you got punishments out of it as letting it be an IC issue was the more fitting verdict

This is what the attack logs show:

-20 minutes into the round, you get pushed by asher and knocked over. Dick move but w/e.

-Little over an hour later, you shove him over multiple times and he starts punching you. You weld him a couple times. You were at ~68 health at the start of this fight and were left alone at 33. He went down from 100 to 88.

-20 minutes later you shoot him with a lethal dose of heparin and get killed as a result.

When both sides escalate shit, who started it stops mattering. It's either both get punished or neither.
I don't know if you're the same Mod who contacted me last night (Glubtok I believe was their name) but like I told them, I don't know what my options for recourse were. I tried asking Security to handle it, and at the time Tory was the only Security Officer, or at the very least the only active one, and they refused to do anything about it because they said Asher was "anti-retard insurance" or something to that effect.

So if Security won't do anything about him breaking into wherever he wants, including Medbay, shoving me around, taking our things, etc. I don't see how retaliating to that is somehow a bad thing. I even tried the 'peaceful' approach, by trying to keep him locked out of Medbay and repeatedly telling him that he didn't belong in there, but he repeatedly pried the doors open and either ignored me or responded with snarky remarks.

And on the topic of "over escalation", sure an argument can be made for him killing me if you really want to give him the benefit of the doubt, but beyond just killing me, he then accosted Landon Hughes, another Chemist, when he was trying to take my body to have it be cloned and then beheaded me so I couldn't be brought back. THAT is over escalation, clear as day, on top of all the other nonsense. Say what you will about what I did, but Landon didn't do anything to deserve being accosted like that.
1. The initial reason I broke into medical was to print things from the medical lathe, specifically surgical tools and drapes, as well as a roller bed, so I could perform surgery on the fly for anyone that needed it. Was it a requirement of my job, or was it something I should be doing as an engineer? No, but I also don't really care about nitpicking my own, or everyone else's actions as to what they should, or shouldn't be doing for the majority of a round. I felt like doing surgery that round, so I got the tools for surgery without impeding medical progress. Hell most people would just steal the tools, I made my own.
2. I was walking down the hallway and you sprayed what looked like lube, possibly water, but definitely not space cleaner. Almost certain it wasn't cleaning the hallways, and you were creating a hazard for yourself and everyone else running the halls, so I stole it off of you, emptied it, and threw it in a maint corridor. Again let me iterate, I am almost positive that it was space lube, but I could be wrong. I'm gonna pretend like it is for the time being unless someone proves me wrong with chem logs.
3. Security wasn't doing much because you weren't really giving off that good, or professional of a demeanor, screaming repeatedly over communications doesn't really help you. Honestly.
4. The times where I repeatedly "greytided" into medical and "griefed" it, was actually me also doing sci's job, nobody was upgrading shit so I was running rounds on the station, upgrading all of medical (Cloner/Cryo pods/Stasis beds), ORM/Cargo fab, etc. I even upgraded your chemistry machines, even though you were being a gatekeeping shitter and throwing a temper tantrum over comms.
5. I suspected you might've been a vampire at the end because your blood levels on the health analyzer were looking really fucking weird. It was saying 0% blood with like 330 liters, I was wrong but I don't regret making that accusation. It was more then justified from my perspective.
6. Reminder that you shot me with Heparin? That's a very lethal chem bro, and the only reason I survived was because I managed to get to charcoal in time. You more then deserved to die there, ripping your head off was only to prevent you from being cloned, but it's not like I went the full mile of being a dick. I at least dropped it off at the robotics desk so you could get borged.

Sorry for the text dump but there's a lot of shitty misinformation going on in this thread.
Tl;dr stay mad retard
[Image: 25b373e0cc0250a5dadf074d60a51b6a.gif]
1. It doesn't warrant explaining why you shouldn't be allowed to go into other departments and print from their autolathes at will. It's not "nitpicking", that's how we get people running around with tools they shouldn't have.

2. I was cleaning the hallway, it was coated in blood prior to me cleaning it. Regardless, nothing really justifies you stealing it from me and disposing of it.

3. I wasn't screaming anything at all, to anybody, least of all Security. I asked for their help TWICE and only twice. They refused, for what reason I don't really know or care. The fact is they weren't doing their jobs, but I digress. This report isn't aimed at them because frankly, your rule breaking was worse.

4. Again, it doesn't warrant explaining why you can't just run around taking things from other departments. Unless the Captain, RD, CMO, literally anyone in Command gave you permission, you didn't have the right to do whatever you want.

5. I am 100% calling bullshit on your supposed "suspicion" considering you only made that claim AFTER killing and beheading me. You only said that to try and justify your actions against both me and Landon Hughes. And regardless, you can't kill people on a suspicion, least of all YOU when you aren't Security.

6. As I explained above, the Heparin was because you left me with no other option other than to attempt to stop you permanently. Security refused to do their jobs, and you refused to follow any sense of the rules of the station, in favor of breaking into Medbay and taking whatever you pleased. Regardless, none of that warranted decapitating me, harassing Landon, or preventing me from being cloned. None of it.

So no, none of what I said was "misinformation" in the slightest. You didn't follow the rules, plain and simple.

And look, obviously I'm not looking he be permabanned or anything drastic like that. I just think that if children who exhibit childish behaviour don't at the very least get told that they're being childish then they'll continue to be childish.
point to the rules where anything you just said is in direct violation of them.
[Image: 25b373e0cc0250a5dadf074d60a51b6a.gif]
I'd argue you're breaking rule #1 for "powergaming" by going around and breaking into the departments to grab whatever you want, but that's just my opinion I guess.

Definitely breaking #2 by griefing myself, Landon, Medbay, and at least according to you Science as well. Who knows what other departments.

I'd also argue #9, mainly for the "retard" comments you consistently make, but again, just my opinion.

Definitely #1.2 for greytiding, as expressed by me and even the admins/mods.

Definitely #1.3 for acting as an antag when you aren't one. Sure, you upgraded everyone's shit, but you also pushed Landon and I around, broke into departments you didn't belong in, stole from people, etc. Really greytiding is the same thing.

So at the very least 3, if not 5 rules you broke, and if you really want to pretend my little Heparin injection was "oh so bad" then I broke maybe 1 rule for mild griefing. Real drop in the bucket compared to you.
"Powergaming" isn't inherently defined by taking things you want from other departments.
I didn't grief you, the actions you received were more then justified. Talk shit get hit.
Keep crying.
Not a single thing I've done is even listened under #1.2. If anything, you're breaking that rule by lubing hallways.
"I don't like you and you punched me a few times so you're automatically self antagging." Also nice metafriend, I had a feeling something was up when he kept getting upset whenever you engaged him. I'm sure you got some form of OOC warning from him, shoulda listened to it.
Overall, :thinking:
Not worth my time to argue this anymore, take it away mods.
[Image: 25b373e0cc0250a5dadf074d60a51b6a.gif]
I would argue circumventing department staff to instead waltz into areas you don't have access to to acquire whatever you want is powergaming. If you needed surgery tools, ask for them next time.

You did grief not only me, but Landon and Medbay as well. "Talk shit get hit" is quite literally expressed in the rules as an unjustifiable reason for griefing or self-antaging.

"Attack or rob random people" is in greytiding which you did, and regardless of what I say about it, the admins already agreed that you were so that's above me.

Yes, Landon and I are in a voice call when we play together, but nothing we did or said was "meta" in the slightest. He was in Chem WITH me, he SAW everything you did the same as me. Us being in a call together is irrelevant, especially considering it's no different than the 8+ people who are in the Fulp Discord voice channel during play all the time. So no, no metagaming took place. But hey, while we're on the topic of metafriends, I already suspect Tory is yours considering she blatantly refused to do her job in regards to you, but hey, much like you, I have no proof of that.

But hey, at least we can both agree that this isn't worth our time.

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