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Banned from discord server
Dude starts talking shit to me out of nowhere (Gary)
Schlomo comes in starts talking shit to me too
I shit talk him back
Bans me from discord server because I hurt his feelings

Oh yeah, and this is the same admin who used my notes in OOC to talk shit about me when i was shit talking back and forth with a different guy, just came into OOC and used my notes as reference to shittalk
Lad I just fuck read the whole thing, what a fucking wack conversation. Yall were getting mad at Sleeps-With-Fishes, Gary comes in, yall have a good o' time. Shlomo was also talking about Gary's profile picture, he was half siding with you and I don't even see any mention of pictures unless one of yall started deleting messages.

You went at shlomo for no reason all about the definition of a profile picture/avatar/pic. Shlomo got a bit hostile back to you. Maybe you should have calmed down or at least dropped it when you said you would have. I'll be honest I would have just muted both of yall for you to calm down rather than hitting you with a ban like shlomo did, but I'll wait it out.
Fulpstation Admin Aussie Nerd.

Sometimes, I dream about cheese.
I thought that admins arent allowed to punish in a situation that involves them as being a victim/aggressor. instead having to get another admin to decide

Also he definitely 100% wasnt siding with me even remotely
Every single time i get into an argument when hes online he comes in just to talk shit to me lmao
bumping because this is dumb as hell
theres literally no reason to ban me instead of muting me, at the very LEAST
We do have a role that can limit people to the shitposting channel, might be an option to be used in the future.
[Image: 8SOCkdc.gif]
or right now
Ban has been removed. This was in conjunction with your server silicon ban appeal.

Please have some more respect not just as a player in the game, but to the staff team and other players in the discord. I don't want to see you starting more arguments and shit and improve your behaviour otherwise I will be removing you from the discord and game. Just be a good lad and then we will talk about removing your role bans.

Locked and unbanned.
Fulpstation Admin Aussie Nerd.

Sometimes, I dream about cheese.

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