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Chemist tiding
ROUND ID #: 2741

YOUR Character Name: Char Manfred
YOUR Byond Key: Zaffinomlb
GRIEFER Character Name: Bura-the-third and Fireball-Kills-You

Bura-the-third and Fireball-Kills-You both were griefing and tag teamed up to kill me. First Fireball-Kills-You attacked me and cuffed me for no reason as I was in botany building them a drying rack. Steal all of my things, lies to sec about it and gets me arrested. I come back trying to get my stuff where I found Fireball-Kills-You in crit and was about to bluespace body bag them away to get my shit back when for seemingly no reason Bura-the-third bust in with a mech and start healing him. I still tried to get the body when Bura-the-third hops out and start to lethally attack me with laser scalpel with no words or provocation. I run away tell sec and they do nothing. I find them again and they just attack me on sight. Mind you I did not attack them lethal before this at all or at all for that matter. Then they keep attack me put me in crit with bonesaws and laser scalpels. Then put me in a mech and drag me around till I died. Where I am now.

Ps. Fireball-Kills-You more or less stated that his whole reasoning for this was to steal my BoH. Cause he thought it must have had guns in it. On top of all that he stole all of my items and my ID which I can only ask why cause I was an assistant. My ID more or less worthless.
Went through the logs, they were both being very blatant shitters. Dealt with em. Thanks for reporting.
[Image: i1wH7KB.png][Image: EYsHyKQ.png]

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