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Ban appeal
OOC name:qfmysteryman23
discord account: Massage#7953
time of ban:8/11/2019
ban reason:*attached to file
appeal: First off Gogeta I didnt destroy the wall because of their "plasma test" i did it because Char and his gang keep hogging all the xenobio equipment locking out all other scientist, even for people who are trying to learn. He hogs all the fucking equipment. Also i didnt start the plasma fire; they hit my durand with a toolbox causing sparks to go out and cause a plasma fire. Plus I dont think that plasma gas fucking works with slime cores, They probably did it so no one could come in unless they are in their friend group. Speaking of friend group I noticed that Char and Miss.tulip constantly help each other but dont ever talk. Meta comms maybe?
I don't see any ban reason attached. Might want to check that.

This ban appeal is pretty fucking confusing to read, probably due to the ban reason not being attached as of writing.
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