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Fofofo21 Ban Appeal
Your OOC name (byond username): Fofofo21

Your Discord username and #tag: I'm not on discord

Approximate Time of Ban (Give your best estimate. Used for investigation):
Ban Reason/Message (Copy paste or screenshot of the ban screen with round ID, banning admin visible):
State your appeal (Please limit to 500 words.  We will not actually count the words unless your appeal is absurdly long):
I'm not quite sure exactly what happened, because this happened more than a couple rounds ago, but I don't kill people unless it's in self defense, and here's what I remember:

I was a chemist. I made chloral hydrate and kept a syringe gun of it loaded for self defense.
I, and whoever was working with me, were experimenting with illegal drugs. I started injecting people with space drugs with a spare syringe gun I had. The first person I shot was a doctor and he was very angry with me. He started getting hostile (verbally more than physically) so I would give him a little more space drugs and some morphine later. I remember asking some people if they want to feel good before shooting them with space drugs but I can't recall if I asked everyone. I don't remember giving space drugs to a lot of people. I eventually made a syringe of 5iu unstable mutagen, 5iu space drugs, and 5iu morphine (I think)? and shot the doctor with it.... The doctor came back and threw a improvised firebomb into chemistry and blew chem lab, along with me, up. But I lived

Quote:Bura-the-third and Fireball-Kills-You both were griefing and tag teamed up to kill me. First Fireball-Kills-You attacked me and cuffed me for no reason as I was in botany building them a drying rack. Steal all of my things, lies to sec about it and gets me arrested.

He walked into 
botany, I was inside, and he had a tin foil hat on and dropped a spare on the ground. I put the tin foil hat on and it made me go mentally crazy. I eventually got a botanist to take it off and I temporarily put Char to sleep and handcuffed him so I could take his off too. I saw he had a BoH and stripped him of it to check what he had inside. He had an energy gun and if I remember correctly, HoS gun too. I took his backpack and his all access assistant ID. I told a security officer what I found inside and gave the officer the weapon as well as Char.

Quote: I come back trying to get my stuff where I found Fireball-Kills-You in crit and was about to bluespace body bag them away to get my shit back when for seemingly no reason Bura-the-third bust in with a mech and start healing him. I still tried to get the body when Bura-the-third hops out and start to lethally attack me with laser scalpel with no words or provocation. I run away tell sec and they do nothing. 
I was crawling out of Batony in crit stage. Char walked up, saw me, and started dragging me AWAY from medbay, towards the library trying to use the bluespace body bag. This is when Bura in an Odysseus, who I befriended earlier that round, walked up and put me in a sleeper. It was sheer coincidence that Bura walked up and saw you carrying my dying body away from medbay. They took me to medbay and made sure I was healed. Then we went and killed Char because he obviously tried to force my death because I stole his BoH and ID As a friend of mine that round and as a medical doctor, what would you expect?

Quote:I find them again and they just attack me on sight. Mind you I did not attack them lethal before this at all or at all for that matter. Then they keep attack me put me in crit with bonesaws and laser scalpels. Then put me in a mech and drag me around till I died. Where I am now.
It was mostly Bura doing the attacking, he didn't really have much of a reason to attack you as I did.... You literally almost caused my death. You were valid for me to kill.

Quote:Ps. Fireball-Kills-You more or less stated that his whole reasoning for this was to steal my BoH. Cause he thought it must have had guns in it. On top of all that he stole all of my items and my ID which I can only ask why cause I was an assistant. My ID more or less worthless.
You're lying. It did have gun(s). I stole your BoH and your ID. Your ID that had all access... or at least access to every single door I walked too after I took it.

He was playing the role of assistant with an all access ID and BoH with security gear. It wasn't his to begin with. This remained an IC issue the entire round and it's kind of ridiculous Char reported me because I stole his stolen gear, then killed him when he tried to let me die. 

Long story short: I didn't make lethal chems to troll and kill people. I made NON LETHAL CHEMS to defend myself, knowing what dose would turn chloral hydrate into a lethal dose. I did not kill Char for his BoH or ID, I killed him because he tried to let me die like the greytider he is every single round.
Ok so,
First of all the chems. You say you made non lethal chems to defend yourself, knowing what dose would kill people. Heres your say logs:
Fofofo21/(Fireball-Kills-You) "I got 30u chloral hydrate syringe gun"
Fofofo21/(Fireball-Kills-You) "Instant death"
Kinda shot yourself in the foot on this one. Chloral Hydrate has no other use other than to kill people, it's a toxin. 30u is more than enough to kill someone, as you said. Looking at the logs you then used this as one of the chems you shot random people with, cant really say thats self defense. As for the other chems, I'd really recommend not making random chems and going around injecting people with them for the hell of it, are you really surprised you got reported?

Char was in the wrong when he tried to drag you away from med while you were in crit. I don't blame Bura for saving and healing you, thats fine. However, hunting down Char afterwards isn't. That's not self defense. Self defense is, how I see it, when you retaliate when you are being actively harmed. Neither you or Bura were being harmed at that point. You could've reported it to sec and had them take it over rather than lynching him. Also "I didn't attack him as much as Bura" isn't much of an excuse.

I'll let the BoH and ID issue go, in hindsight that was more of an IC issue.

Your record was clean before this so I admit the week ban was a little bit harsh. I'm gonna get it reduced to 3 days. All in all, next time just be a good chemist and make helpful chems, and remember what I said about self defense.
[Image: i1wH7KB.png][Image: EYsHyKQ.png]
A syringe gun can only hold 15 units at a time, which is enough Chloral Hydrate to send them asleep for a good amount of seconds but not enough to deal deadly toxin damage. 30 units is enough to kill someone, but like I said, a syringe gun can only hold 15 units at a time. And no, I did not have intentions of shooting someone with 2 syringes full of Chloral Hydrate. 15 units is enough for them to fall asleep so I could handcuff them etc etc (Look at the interactions between me and Char when we were in Botany, I only shot him with 15 units... which made him fall asleep so I could handcuff him and search his BoH. Also look at the fight between me and the Botanist, they were using a hatchet to kill me and I STILL only used 15 units of chloral hydrate).
All in all, I never shot someone with chloral hydrate unless I had the intentions of sending someone to sleep for a few seconds, and I never used more than a syringe full, 15 units, at a time

Nevertheless, I did overstep the boundaries of greytiding as a chemist and I apologize. I will focus more on the light role play aspect instead of doing whatever I want. I enjoy playing on Fulpstation and don’t want to get banned again. Thank you for your input.
Ban has expired, thanks for shortening it
Ban has expired from the looks of it. I'll be locking this for now.
Fulpstation Admin Aussie Nerd.

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