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Questionable HOSness
ROUND ID #:2848
YOUR Character Name:Marcel Mime
YOUR Byond Key: Souplex
GRIEFER Character Name: cant remember if the name was specifically orange george, but it was the HOS
GRIEFER Byond Key:
Description of grief occurrence: came into sec to tell HOS 2 people were trying to kill me, I was given access to brig by HOP so I didn't break in. while I'm writing on the piece of paper he stuns me and tries to strangle me, after about 10 minutes of me breaking free from strangles he stuns and hand cuffs me, takes off my envriosuit to where i catch fire, pulls me into the armory, and then shoots me with a rubber buckshot from the riot shotgun. This was all without captain consent, and afterwards the detective asks why he killed me and he responded, "broke into armory." I will admit to having the hand teleporter, but that hardly calls for being brutally murdered with 0 chance of cloning while my body burns to ash.
orange good, mime bad
1. the HOP was aware i had the hand teleporter and was perfectly fine with it, i teleported into his room and stood right next to him while he was talking and i replied by writing on paper
2. i did NOT break into sec, the HOP gave me basic access to departments, i'm the one that set the SM up correctly that round, the other engineers had all the pumps set at basic levels and the SM would have delaminated, i had access to the brig, i didn't go any farther than that so i did NOT break in to anywhere in sec
Orange good mime bad ?

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