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A tale of two brothers.
So late into a round. We get an alert that two player are using the same IP.. The player who logged in first was a reasonable sort. So I message him. "Hey friend.. Do you have anyone else at your home playing with you?"

He replied "Yes my younger brother, Do i need to kick him off?"

I rushed a response to prevent a player loss "NO NO its fine just don't meta game with each other."

He replied "No I wont he sucks at this game"

While I thought it was kinda strange and he could be lying and they could be here to go for a long con grief.. I was wrong. so so very wrong.

So the brothers did not know who the other played as. They also BOTH ended up being antags. One was a cyber-man and one was a traitor.

The round was moving with some admin drama going as tension was high on the server. I was watching the two brothers. But something snapped.

All of a sudden I start to see sec move to chemistry to apprehend a chemist stocked with napalm and explosives. He starts the threaten the sec officers, Med-bay preps for burn damage and fire. The chemist is caught with a lucky electrode and an open window. The sec officers start to drag him into perma for his crimes when the HoS Miss-fires an electrode into another sec officer.The nude handcuffed chemist quickly moves on the opportunity runs to a corner and start to jimmy the handcuffs off. The HoS cuffs the sec officer while he is screaming at the top of his lungs.

The HoS begins to convert the Officer into a cyberman filling him with all sorts of Non- Neotrans sanctioned nanobots. The Officer still screaming as been converted and lost his fucking mind. He is released by the HoS and quicky begins to beat the HoS with his harmbaton. The sec officer is covered in blood head to toe. The chemist at this point is shitting his fucking ass off. The sec officer runs toward the chemist and begins to beat him. At this point I have no fucking clue whats going on other then this sec officer has gone fully into the madness know as murder-boner.

The HoS messages me about being killed after converting. We work out a quick deal with the HoS being a very reasonable player.

The Sec Officer is beginning to reply to my admin PMS. "HE RUINED MY ROUND"

"okay but you still cant just murder him he made you a fellow antag"


"W-wait what?? No- you still cannot murder the HoS because he converted you. Look calm down"


" Woh man calm down"


So at this point this guy has lost it. So i wait for him to leave perma and I revive the HoS and chemist. At this point the Chemist is the First brother and the sec officer is the Second brother. The HoS is the victim in what would be come two brother fighting in Spessman 13.

The Sec officer runs off to murder while the chemist runs to medbay to make new chemicals. Hos is still confused by what is going on. Quickly the second brother finds a assistant to sacrifice to lord singulo, The chemist makes it to medbay and begins working on more napalm. The HoS attempts to arm up and hunt for the sec officer.

The second brothers kill score is up to 5 by now with his sick blood covered body striking fear into the crew. First brother has made a stock of napalm bombs and a Knock out combo. HoS is stalking around maint trying to find the Rogue sec officer.

At this point the bar becomes ground zero.. The chemist had put himself in a locker in the bar and called over the radio.

"Officer X come to the bar and lets settle this you fuck."

Silence is heard over the radio but all are moving toward its call. Vengeful crew members and a Rogue HoS that is still bound to serving his sick cyber-man justice and one very excited chemist in a locker full of explosives. The HoS is the first in the room coming from main access, with the sec officer coming quickly from the south side.

They quickly draw tasers and being to fire. They miss all shots due to range and sick jukes. The HoS drops this weapons and draws another fire a quick salvo at the door the Officer is moving toward. One of the shots hits a Spear wielding engineer bent on ending the officers life. The officer picks up the spear and gets a quick hit on the engineer and moves on toward the HoS. Like leonidas the spartan king he throws the glass shard spear and manages to score a perfect hit on the HoS dealing damage but not finishing the HoS. Seeing the situation is not going to end well the HoS draws a riot shotgun and pumps it. The officer seeks cover and dives as the first shot rings out. The engineer gets up right as the hot lead flies. He catchs it right in the face quickly ending his life as a new challenger appears. An Assistant armed with three spears and a sick lust for battle. He being to beat the engineers body while the HoS Pumps the second round in. The Officer takes out his Harm baton and runs toward the HoS ducking the second shot. The glass windows are blown out shards landing all over the bar. The officer picks one up and throws it right at the HoS landing a cut. The HoS is bleeding and pumping the third shot. At this point all sense has left the station and violence has become law. The HoS Seeing the Assistant throwing spears at him fires the third shot into the assistant but being a servant of the Chaos God Khorne he uses a brute patch and throws another spear driving into the HoS now bleeding out and seeing the end the HoS being pumping rounds into every moving thing. The officer picks up a discarded spear and hurls it once again at the HoS it strikes him square into the chest driving him into crit. He quickly secures the Riot shotgun and closes with the assistant taking a spear to the face. He fires clear into the assistants chest. He is in ghost chat before he even hits the floor. The Chemist busts out of the locker and hurls a primed grenade at the feet of the officer. A plume of flame erupts from the bar. The Officer is rolling on the ground attempting to put out the flames the chemist takes this time to survey his efficiency. He walks up to the officer rolling on the ground and utters the most shocking this to the officer..

"Hello brother I know you thought I was the HoS and you must have been so happy. But I am here to end this. WE DIE TOGETHER BROTHER YOU LITTLE SHITLER!" At this point the chemist starts to throws primed grenades all over the bar the whole bar is engulfed in flames and a mix of napalm and Blackpowder bombs go off.

At this point the server has gone purple with ghost chat and madness. The brothers are arguing and screaming at each other.

I am getting PMs and Ahelps like crazy. But one thing cut the fog of hate and anger. An Ahelp from the first brother. He asked me to ban his brother because " He is cry and screaming in the house that I ruined his game. Just ban him plz he has been banned from every server but this one. He is soo annoying and stupid fucking 9 year old and cant even play the game right......

At this point i had died... The crew died to a nine year old having a temper tantrum. A nine year old who had gone on a murder-boner because he thought the HOS was his older brother and was bullying him in game.. It was the such a beautiful gem to  behold..
I have yet to ban these two because its just such sheer fucking joy to watch them try and meta-game each other. Its like blowing up megaton you know you should not do it but FUCK IS IT BEAUTIFUL TO WATCH!
The ban hammer must have been flying
An epic of proportions not seen since the illiad

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