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Chemist griefing.
Round ID#: 3328
My name: Judi Shall.
My BYOND key: JudicialCat
GRIEFER NAME: Russel Eckhardstein.
Allowed me into chemistry so I could get the chemical to make a Cak, shot me with a syringe filled with something that slowly killed me and locked me in chemistry, after I was saved and brought back to health, I was still taking damage so I stood next to the nearby medibot but he broke it, I stabbed him with a screwdriver once and he shot me with a chemical again which killed me, after I was revived I still took damage from whatever he shot me with. After I recovered and went back to work in the kitchen he once again shot me with his syringe gun and after I went critical I just succumbed so I wouldn't have to deal with it. Also seen shooting others. Confirmed non-antag at end of round.
Also kept dragging dead bodies off to god knows where. Asked him where he was taking them and he shot me with the toxins as well.
Big delay but this has been looked into, thanks for the report!
[Image: 8SOCkdc.gif]

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