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Akairra's Mentor Application
Byond Account: Akairra
Character Name(s): Amy Madison (Captain, HoS)
Discord Name: Akairra#2165
Age: 25
Timezone: GMT
Active hours: Active 0900-2400 GMT

How long have you played on Fulpstation? SS13 in general?

I've been active on Fulpstation for about 3 weeks. It was the first server I played SS13 on through recommendation from a friend. 

Despite my reasonably short playtime, I think I'm quite a fast learner. I believe others would attest to my abilities as a HoS or member of Security. 

What departments are you able to be a mentor for? Can you elaborate on your experience in those departments?

I will be applying as a Mentor primarily of Security, but also Captaincy. I have a decent amount of experience playing Supply and Miner too.

As HoS, I've led successful Security departments often comprising of new Security Officers who need a lot of guidance. I love to share knowledge and help people be better.

I encourage and enjoy roleplay, and always look for ways to ensure everyone has fun despite having to dish out punishment to lawbreakers. 

As Captain, I'm always active in the Command channels. I believe I could share tips and pointers for anyone else wanting to be Captain.

What are some things you've noticed as a player on Fulp?

I think a lot of players of SS13 in general need a tiny bit of guidance. A lot of jobs do not get fulfilled because someone relatively new signs up and needs a mentor. I've seen this a lot as HoS. For example a new Warden might need instructing to stay in the Brig and to be ready to check on the status of various members of the crew or to update their criminal status. 

Feel free to spitball anything else you want to add as to why we should consider you for mentorship.

Not much to say here. I'm happy to talk directly to anyone considering me here. I'm pretty friendly and I want to have a positive impact on the community. 
Ye, she is hella good in what she is doing.
I was part of her numerous security team, and to put it frankly, she is a nice HOS in both the character and how she handle sec stuff, quite a rare sight in the security departement.
Life is like a video game, but perma death is enabled
I'd like to see Akairra as a mentor, particularly for Security. It's one of the most difficult jobs in the game and not only does she excel at it but I've personally seen her guide and encourage new Sec Officers, Wardens, and Heads of Security. As Captain, she's been phenomenal, always leading from the front and putting the needs and goals of the station first. I fully support Akairra becoming a mentor for Fulpstation.
Haven't seen much of you myself, you usually seem online when I'm offline. But I've only heard good things. And if you're willing to work to improve the security department I'm all for it.
[Image: 8SOCkdc.gif]
Good Roleplayer, and fast learner. Nice player, tries to be a mediator in situations of conflicts.
Very nice HoS who tries to RP and find solutions that are not just permabrig and murder.

[Image: pj5gW9D.jpg]
Your +1's are irrelevant, mentorship should be judged on experience and information they can provide to players, I'd suggest you wait at least a month before re-applying, you need general mastery of the mechanics of SS13 to be an adequate mentor as the current team is inflated with "newfrens" who can't teach someone how to do tritcaps.
Thanks for all the positive replies.


Yeah I don't think we've played together yet! I am eager to prove myself though.


Thanks for your comment, but I think their vouches are fairly relevant. They're willing to say that they benefited from my guidance or simply enjoyed playing with me.
I've had great experiences with you

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