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Dan Egg, Silent Awe, and Marvin Bratton.
ROUND ID #: 3371
YOUR Character Name: Chris P. Jenkins
YOUR Byond Key: EhMGee
GRIEFER Character Name: Dan Egg, Silent Awe, and Marvin Bratton.
GRIEFER Byond Key:
Description of grief occurrence: I recieved a call on comms that the bartender. I attempted to simply get him to return it, upon his refusal a borg opened the sliding door, so I stunned and cuffed him. After a bit of a goose chase, the mime jumped in, attempting to kill me, followed by Dan egg. After I called for help, a single sec officer came to help. Though it meant jack shit because by the end of it I was decapitated or something by the three of them. 

1.3: Do not act as an antagonist when not one. If you commit crimes that can result in you receiving capital punishment as non-antagonist, you are breaking this rule. Do not cause excessive chaos as a non-antagonist. Do not act violently when being arrested or removed from an area you are not supposed to be in; using force to defend yourself in cases like that is not considered self-defense. If you are confused about whether you are an antagonist or not, you are not an antagonist. If you act as an antagonist even though you weren’t assigned one, your punishment will range from how much damage you cause. A little fun (slipping people), might get you 2 minutes in the brig, if you are a jerk you might be permabrigged. If you are just completely horrible, you’ll be banned.

All of them are implicated in murder, a capital crime, and unless all of them were traitors I can't see how this isn't just straight up self-antagging
Looked into this, thanks for the report!
[Image: 8SOCkdc.gif]

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