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Adam El-Tablawy as Revenant griefing borgs
ROUND ID #:3374
YOUR Character Name:CABAL
YOUR Byond Key:buzzardman2
GRIEFER Character Name:Revenant (816)
GRIEFER Byond Key:Adam El-Tablawy
Description of grief occurrence: This round was a chaotic mess as we were traitor borgs and we had mostly completed our objectives and were sitting around when this revenant started to EMP us. After a few minutes we declared doomsday and he went absolute ham on us with the EMP's, he EMPed multiple borgs for no real reason. I've checked the job description in the wiki and no where does it state specifically says to grief people it says to eat souls. The rules say no murder-boning and seeing as he had already green texted his targeted attacks on the borgs seemed weird to me as we were providing free food for him. Anyways he ends up killing 2 other borgs but luckily we still won so i wasn't super pissed but this could have gone really bad if what he said after had happened and he teamed up with the crew like he was trying.

He also admitted to it and said it was the Revenants job to grief but again it never said it's the revs job to assist the crew and kill other antags specifically.        
If you’re malfunctioning borgs, especially ones who declared doomsday, you’re valid to anyone. The revenant did nothing wrong here
Adams a fucking asshat, he's banned on literally every other server for being a literal fucking racist and was a coder for bad deathclaw for some time, yeah the pedo furry server. He should be banned because he does this everywhere and he wont stop until he's banned.
Wait, deathclaw has pedophiles?
Yes, I believe the co-host literally admitted to having sex with their dog as well.
Looked into it and the revenant in question didn't seem to do anything that breaks the rules. Thanks for the report though!
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