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Top 10 moments that made you shit your pants
SS13 definitely isn't a horror game, but there are some moments that scare the shit out of you. What scared you the most?

For me: One adminbus round in which they spammed the light breaking electrical storm, then infected someone as a zombie. Tcoms went down eventually. Only having the light around you, no people in sight anywhere (hiding, I assume), and no radio. Definitely the scariest time I'd ever had.
Where's the other 9 moments
(09-14-2019, 02:52 AM)Fofofo21 Wrote: Where's the other 9 moments
2. Bruh
3. A couple rounds ago there was a zombie outbreak in medbay. I, geneticist, ran to Xeno and found someone inside. I built up walls around xeno and mocked the zombies through radio chat for not being able to come to me and kill me. A space ninja teleported into Xeno a few moments later and killed me after I put up a good fight.

4. I shit my pants when Agent X was a traitor one round and killed me, and the next round we were cultists together
There was one round I arrived later as Atmos Tech, said hi on eng channel on the shuttle and nothing, common was silent too so I assumed Comms down.

Went outside and it was bombed, grabbed a emergency fire suit and coffee for Ghetto hardsuit and made my way to Engineering, some corpses, lots of blood and damage on the hallways.

At Atmos I was also alone, Tcoms had open walls and machines where gone, if it was bombed someone fixed the floors, I assumed it was a blob and went to get my Atmos Firesuit and possibly a flamethrower when suddenly...

Round end, I had joined into a ending round and hadn't paid attention, everyone was at the shuttle explaining the deserted station and I was full spoked and prepared to fight for my life like a fool...

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