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Puppis D - Attempting to kill AI, killed few people in the process
ROUND ID #: 3795
YOUR Character Name: Fireballs
YOUR Byond Key: Fofo
GRIEFER Character Name: Peppis D
GRIEFER Byond Key: ???
Description of grief occurrence:

Claims AI that I made in robotics was shocking doors and such, so Peppis ran into robotics and attacked the AI. Because plasma was flooded and therefore filled the whole room in robotics, striking the AI ignited the plasma, killing everyone in robotics (2 people minimum), destroying all of robotics, and ruining the rest of my so far successful robotics round.
He was not an antag for the round
I've looked into this. Thanks for the report!
[Image: pj5gW9D.jpg][Image: WpsktR5.png]

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