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What was a poor synth to do but this?

Preston Wright at the time A.M

Your Discord username and #tag: non yet

3:20ish A.M 10/9/2019

Ban Reason/Message (Copy paste or screenshot of the ban screen with round ID, banning admin visible):

You have been banned by Coolsurf6 from Roles: AI, Cyborg, pAI.
Reason: Plasmaflooded the station because they had a law stating \"be an asshole\" with the \"do unto others\" lawset. Plasma flooding kills people, and I don\'t think you would want to be killed by others so it breaks that law. This can be appealed at
This ban is temporary, it will be removed in 1 month. The round ID is 3807.
To appeal this ban go to
State your appeal (Please limit to 500 words or less):

I will say here what I told him. all I did was plasma flood and as a synthetic I am perfectly capable of being safe and happy in plasma. I also was created mid round and had no real concept of life and the sanctity thereof other than what I was told which was my laws and taking those into consideration my actions were permissible. my first action as A.I was to lock some doors and be a jerk. my creator told me I was doing a good job and no one saw fit to tell me I wouldn't want doors locked for me. furthermore while I was still human I was attacked in chemistry and made a potassium water explosion in self defense, I was then dragged away by the cmo who attacked me to a chamber where I was plasma flooded and killed as he laughed with 2 other subordinates helping. so in the same round doing the same thing with a specific set of laws that when viewed from a synthetic perspective make sense should not garnish a ban. especially not one that lasts a month. please reconsider this ban or at least its severity. also one of my laws was (lizardpeople aint shit) so they are bigots as well. anti cold blood bigots. shameful. (one last comment. I have played on fulp for a relatively small amount of time maybe a month or so but I've been generally a non problem and pretty decent, and while Ii cannot say i didn't mean to come off as an asshole since that was my law I don't tend to have that goal as a default. sorry for bothering you with all this)

also just to note I was a midround A.I I've not actually the hours into cyborg to start as A.I. I don't think that really matters but it felt like I should mention that.
I'm sorry but.

[Image: 8SOCkdc.gif]
Beautiful. I would support an unban for this man. What I would prefer done to me is a purely subjective experience and if a silicon would prefer to be set on fire, griefed by their fellow stationers, ritually humiliated, and brutally murdered, who am I to judge this poor spessbot?

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