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Powderonium has been Ban and he is regretful
Your OOC name : Powderonium

Your in-game name (Used most or at the time): Powderonium

Your Discord username and #tag: Powderonium and as a tag  #8354

Approximate Time of Ban (Give your best estimate. Used for investigation): Around the  03/10/19-27/09/19

Ban Reason/Message (Copy paste or screenshot of the ban screen with round ID, banning admin visible): Can´t find it . And the ban reason is for spaming` PLZ START ROUND´ in OOC.

State your appeal (Please limit to 500 words or less):I will like to be able to talk using the OOC 

chat room , I will understand that I will nor be able to spam .And if I do spam ,(Execept if other people do it and does people do not get baned , only I get baned , that is when  I wil only spam,or I need to talk to some but they do not respond),I will understant a kick out , a ban or a per-ban.Also I will like to have acces to the Image Chanel in Dsicord , but that isn´t so important as the others.
I don't see a ban for you, you may have just been muted before the round actually started here.
[Image: 8SOCkdc.gif]

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