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Darkhal mentorship application
Byond Account: Darkhal

Character Name(s): Drake Robustson, Richard Conway, Carry Williamson

Discord Name: Darkhal
Age: 25
Timezone: GMT 2+
Active hours: 8 to 12 P.M. usually

How long have you played on Fulpstation? SS13 in general?

About 6 months now, I either play on fulp or /tg

What departments are you able to be a mentor for? Can you elaborate on your experience in those departments?

Security (Detective, Sec off, Warden) :
Over 100 hours in, I have learned how to deal with quite a few antags, and lead to the arrest of many, all while respecting space laws and sec rules : disabling over killing.

Science (Scientist mainly)
around 60 hours, I regularly make 50k toxin bombs, do RnD and upgrade the whole station, know how to program effective nanites, know xenobiology, and i used to make mechs in maintenances.

Service (All, except Chaplain):
Around 50 hours, started with Janitor and Botany and know all about crazy shit that botany can make. As cook I go for interesting unusual meals instead of frying everything, cooked about half of the repertoire. Same for bartending. I dont have much experience as chaplain, rituals or holy fight of cults.

Medical :
Around 50 hours, Im a bit rusted on the kobby chems, otherwise I was a good chemist ready to synthetize anything within a minute. Very experienced medic, can do all surgeries and know how to treat any illness and trouble. Experienced geneticist and virologist, can either distribute godhood or the plague.

Supply (except hardcore mining vs megafauna):
around 30 hours, Push crates, buy stuff, go cargonia. We all did it
Experienced miner, aside from megafauna that I never really fight I know how to survive on lavaland and fix the lavaland base if it kinda goes to shit.

Engineering (except fusion):
Around 20 hours. Knows the basic setup of SM, how to fix SM in case shit goes wrong and how to check for basic sabotage or hiccups. Knows all construction and how to deconstruct things. Knows how to fix power, temperature and atmos of a room. Knows how to burn tritium in the turbine, but not fusion yet.

Ghost spawners:
Dont know the hours, I tested all the spawners and know about them and what to do or not do.

Antags and midround antags (except blob, ninja and wizard):
Greentexted traitor, blood bro, changeling, nukies (well only one or two), cultists (blood and clock), knows about all the uplink items and abilities of these antags, the pros and cons of each.

What are some things you've noticed as a player on Fulp?
Theres a massive gap of skill between the new players, the robust (and sometime powergaming) veterans, and the usual passingby master greytider.
People are usually pretty good when its about killing, but to do a job is sometime painful to watch, as they often do not know all the tools they have at their dispositions to help them out.
Its very disheartening to see that the only person who has the tools, machines or access to help you or the station in a given situation is completely unaware or unknowing of his rôle.

Feel free to spitball anything else you want to add as to why we should consider you for mentorship.
1000 times yes. They’re a great person ICly and OOCly.
[Image: signature.png]
The Infamous Fireball-Kills-You
Told him to become a mentor to improve the community and the madlad actually did it. 10/10.

P.s get verified on the discord
Omnes una manet Nox. Dum spiro, spero. Per angusta ad augusta. Per aspera ad paradisum.
Sup Shlomo

I am on the discord, how do I get verified ?

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