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Shlomobergerstein Report
My Byond ID - 411Rohan

Character Name I Often Use - Bill Carson

Name of Staff Member I'd Like To Report - Shlomobergerstein

Reason - 

To began with I will say that I was given a 1 month ban, I've been banned twice before now and have not disputed either of them because they were, in all honesty completely justified. But this? 

To start with, early in the round the SM started to delam, where it remained at 67% for quite awhile, me being rather new to engineering and still trying to figure things out attempts to fix it. At first, I made it a bit worse, but I was starting to get it under control having fixed the cooling and was starting on the Scrubbers. I had moved a welding fuel canister close by so I could refuel my welding tool and accidently tossed the tool since I messed up my hotkeys. A few moments after that I received a message from the Admin in question asking me why I was delaming the SM. 

I honestly thought he was joking, since I was in the process of fixing it so I sent a semi-sarcastic reply, and continued to do so for a bit. I've had interactions like this with admins on the server before and it's always been in good fun, most of ya'll are pleasant people to converse with.

Anyways, after a few moments I was attempting to fix the scrubbers for the SM itself, when suddenly I find myself having been teleported inside. Naturally, I panic a bit and leave the room. Though this causes a plasma fire in engi, I manage to keep it from spreading. I go back to trying to fix the Scrubbers, pulling up a guide on google that shows what to properly set them to when as soon as I tab back in, I see myself teleported directly into the SM dusting me and causing it to start to delam EVEN FURTHER. Due to the actions of this admin.

I was nothing, but polite throughout the entire encounter with him, and figured this was it, but no. Afterwords he hits he with a one month ban with the scathing retort 'You shouldn't even play Engi'. 

This ban was wordless by the by, he also accuses me of trying to welder bomb the SM pipes and then accuses me of lying even though he has no actual proof of either of these things.

The fact that I have even made a forum account in the first place to complain about this shows how truly annoyed at the situation I am, for I am not one to participate in things like forum chats or discord, but this guys actions were just beyond unbelievable and I sincerely doubt the genuinely good admins on Fulpstation should ever have to work with and possibly be compared to someone like the individual in question.

- Carson
I was the CE that round. I don't think He did anything wrong, it started to delamm right when he joined, and when i asked the admin why he got launched into the SM the admin claimed he was the one who caused the delamming and pumped nitrous oxide into Engineering; even though he has no idea how atmospherics works from the times we were both playing engineering, he never knew about atmospherics whenever i asked him about it. Shlomobergerstein also claimed Welder Bombing, even though there were no damage to the floors at all. So, I highly doubt that Bill was meddling with the SM, or pumping Nitrous Oxide into Engineering.

-Bren Carrier
So let me get this straight. You put plasma tanks into the yellow canister. Put a welder tank near the cooling loop. And "accidentally" opened an n2o canister and flooded the sm room (not the chamber). Additionally the round before that in which i was playing ai i saw you turning on the emitters on a supermatter that was delaming and on top of that the very sm also had plasma tanks in it. Yeah i doubt your story because as you can see there are too many coincidences for me to think "yeah this guy doesnt know shit" and if you dont know shit please dont tinker with the supermatter to the point of delamming. Because you say in one breath that youre new to engi and in the next that youre fixing the sm
Omnes una manet Nox. Dum spiro, spero. Per angusta ad augusta. Per aspera ad paradisum.
On top of all that, you also threw a plasma tank at the radiation collectors for some godsforsaken reason. What you seem to have neglected at some point in your little foray in engineering is that you might've had a lot more eyes on you than normal, considering how a delamming SM tends to draw the attention of observers and dead players alike, to see how badly engineering have scuffed the whole thing.

Very good durr.

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