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My Byond ID Mad Kunt

Character name random


Playing round as a clown get put into crit by scientists and then later on killed ahelp it and ask if shlomo is doing anything to it no response, kept asking since nothing is said get banned by this moron siding with the murderboning robotcists

-Mad Kunt
Im gonna make this quick. The reason you were banned is because when you came back instead of doing the sensible thing and letting an admin (in this case me) handle the situation after ahelping it you decided to put matters into your own hands and metagrudge him as i was talking to the feller. Punishments are handed out on both sides, do something stupid and you get punished for it

as for asking me what i did to take care of an ahelp i will refer you to rule 8: Do not ask admins what they’ve done to take care of an AHELP or grief situation. If it was reported, and they responded to say it’s being handled, then it’s being handled. You’ll be asked questions about the situation if needed, and you’re encouraged to provide whatever info you can. But insisting to the admins that you must know what was done makes your AHELP request seem petty, and admins may not be willing to take your side next time.
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24 hours for literally asking how my case is going is overreacting also of course i'm going to metagrudge if I don't know whats going on. Maybe a little message such as "please wait" could have saved the situation but no, you decided to outright ban me.
To give an unbias opinion, you can’t metagrudge lad... I know it sucks that someone killed you while you were HONKing around but metagrudging is a big no no. Shlomo should’ve let you known if he was looking into it (if he didn’t), but the ban seems justified going off of the information you both gave

If Shlomo doesn’t handle your adminhelp by the end of the round, browse the end of round report to see if your killer was an antagonist and had a legit reason to kill you then make a grief patrol report if they didn’t
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This a situation where its important that we let people know that we are looking into the tickets, or in the least, that we've started to.

People won't always hear what the outcome was, and probably shouldn't expect it, but this is more about following up with people.
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"I'm gonna make this quick"

Fuck your attitude Schlomo.

You're a condescending asshole and I hope someone knocks some fucking sense into you.

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